Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds II C7.10

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At Grandma Bennett’s house, they all celebrated Brielle’s and Raina’s victory with a big dinner party. Popeye and Alvin also ate dinner and celebrated with the family.

After they finished dinner and then dessert, Alvin spoke up.

“Guys, I’m going to tell you something right now. Sam did not want to lay Brielle off. But he didn’t have a choice. That damned Bobby Crabtree and his minions hounded Sam, threatening him with some terrible stuff if he didn’t let Brielle go,” he informed.

Grandma Bennett paused and sat her fork down. Brielle had just polished off her slice of chocolate mousse pie and paused before taking her plate to the sink. Jesse, Paul, Tim, and Jerome sat up in their seats with fiery glares on their faces.

“Say that again, Alvin?” Jesse angrily replied.

“He and his minions threatened to do something bad to the company and to Sam if he kept Brielle hired on at the boot factory,” Alvin repeated but using different words, “I’m-a tell you something, this guy is evil! He’s the devil himself, just like the rest of those crooked Crabtree’s, and the rest of their imps! These people are monsters! And I’m concerned about Brielle and about the rest of you,” Alvin continued, “Before Brielle got laid off, the Sheriff came to the plant. Me and Brielle were working on our line. I saw with my own eyes, Sheriff Crabtree, just staring and glaring at Brielle. ‘Wouldn’t take his creepy eyes off her. He just stood there, staring a hole through her, without so much as a blink! Now that creeped me out. And it did Brielle too. It frightened her, and I could tell she was scared! These people are sick! They’re deranged! And if I were you, Brielle, I’d always keep my gun close!”

Alvin Reveals the Truth Behind Brielle’s layoff

Next, Popeye spoke.

“And keep Bandit close too, Brielle. All through Thomasville and Glover County, people’s pets are turning up missing or dead. Dogs and cats, even a deer or two, are being found all over Glover County with their throats slashed. What was strange was that when these animals were found, there was not a trace of blood anywhere around their carcasses. This happens every year just before Halloween.” he informed.

“Oh my God! Halloween’s tomorrow night!” Marcelle gasped in horror.

“Yep! People are even finding dead horses and dead pigs on the side of the highway and along the backroads in the bottoms, near Lake Opaque. All were in the same condition as the dogs, cats, and deer- throats slashed so deep you can see the trachea! But not a trace of blood. Not one tiny droplet!”

Grandma sighed as a look of horror came over her face. She looked at Popeye.

“You’re thinking what I’m thinking, aren’t you, Popeye? And you, Alvin. You’re thinking it too,” she said.

“Yes ma’am,” Popeye and Alvin both answered, nodding their heads.

Mysterious Findings

“Oh, everybody knows about it. Hell, this has been going on for decades, but no one talks publicly about it,” Popeye added.

“What are you talking about?” Jane asked, “Popeye, you’re scaring me.”

“That’s it, girls, go upstairs,” Grandma Bennett ordered, “You don’t want to hear about this.”

“But…” Jane and Olivia both began.

Jesse looked up at the girls.

“Girls, just do as Grandma tells you, alright?” He said softly but sternly, “And heck! We’ll even let you both turn the bedroom stereo up real loud.”

Jesse’s stern, thin-lipped mouth slowly formed a smile.

“Yeah! Now I can dig some good rock music!” Jane said excitedly, “Come on, Olivia! Let’s go listen to some Seether!”

And the girls rushed upstairs and turned the stereo up so loud that the adults in the kitchen could hear it booming through the ceiling. The baby, now ten months old, was in the play pin, sleeping so soundly, she didn’t hear a thing.

A Big Secret Revealed

Hearing the music and the girls dancing around upstairs, the adults saw their cue to continue talking.

“So, what are you talking about, Popeye?” Brielle asked, repeating Jane’s earlier question.

“There’s a Satanic cult right here in Glover County, Brielle! A huge one! There’s a lot of big wheels and local fat cats that are in it. I know for a fact that the Crabtree’s, the Poston’s, and Lindsay’s are just a few of the members of this cult,” he answered, “And they’re not just Satanists, some of them are Luciferians!

“My Lord! Satanists? Luciferians? What’s the difference? They all worship the devil, don’t they?” Brielle asked aghast.

“Satanists are peons compared to Luciferians. Satanists are at the bottom rungs of the hierarchy. Luciferians are higher up and they have enormous power and connections. And Brielle, they’re everywhere! And the thing is, you don’t know who they are. You could be walking through town during the fourth of July parade, and you’ll never know who is and who isn’t if you aren’t a careful observer and know a few who’ve happened to stumble across the secrets in this town. The members of this cult are that anonymous and that obscured.”

“And all this time, I thought that was only a rumor,” Brielle said with a sigh.

A Longstanding Rumor is Revealed to be True

“I’m afraid not, honey,” Grandma Bennett said, “This whole town’s run by them, “The older people, like me, Popeye, Alvin, and a whole bunch of others know the truth. You, see, it’s all hush-hush. People only discuss it in private, among their families and people they trust- the lucky other half in Thomasville who are Christians and want nothing to do with this evil cult. Even a few people have come up missing. Anyone who talks publicly about the ‘rumored’ Satanic cult are severely ridiculed and labeled ‘crazy’ or ‘mentally imbalanced.’”

“They’re a secret society,” Alvin added, “these Luciferians, the Satanists, they’re a special brand of evil! They hold fight clubs. They kidnap those who aren’t liked and force them into captivity. They either make them fight an opponent until death, make them work in the county workcamp, or sacrifice them to their god. When Vita-Youth was taken off the market after the Thomasville Conspiracy, those who didn’t go to prison with Johnny Crabtree, Jason Ames, and the rest of those monsters, began drinking the blood of all the young people they sacrificed.”

Grandma Bennett looked at each family member with a look of concern and distress on her face.

A Prayer for Protection

“Now, listen,” she said. “The power of prayer is more than that of any cult and any evil. We need to join hands and pray together, and we need to especially pray over Brielle and those girls. Pray that The Lord forms a hedge of protection around not only them, but this entire family. Because if Brielle is in their sights, the rest of us might be also.”

With that, they all joined hands and prayed hard. After about five minutes of prayer and loud praise. Grandma Bennett rose from her chair and walked over to Brielle. as did Alvin’s sister, Eartha. Grandma Bennett stood behind Brielle and laid hands on her shoulders. Eartha also placed hands on Brielle, one on top of her head and the other on her back.

“Lord Jesus! We praise Your Name! Please put your loving arms around Brielle right now!” Grandma Bennett summoned, ”Protect her and the girls, Lord!”

“Encircle her and protect her and everyone she loves, Lord. Lord, we praise your Holy Name, and we know you are able, Jesus!” Eartha added before she and Grandma shouted together, “We rebuke the Devil in the name of Jesus! In the name of Jesus! We rebuke you, Satan! In the name of JESUS! Bless Brielle, bless these innocent girls, bless this entire family, Lord! In the name of Jesus!”

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  1. WebbBlogs says:

    I just added the book to my Amazon cart. Can’t wait to get started 😁😁😁. I did notice that your book is different than you tell it here. So would you suggest I continue reading here first and then the book, or visa versa 🤔?

    • cheriewhite says:

      Thank you so much, Ms. Webb! This means a lot. 💖💖💖 I would suggest vise versa. The first book has all the backstories. After reading the first book you can come back and read this sequel. And note that this sequel I post here is the raw unpublished version. The completed and published book will be published late next year and will have a few additional parts.

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