Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds II C7.8

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During lunch, the same kids who had flocked Jane earlier that morning, invited her to sit at their table. After Jane sat down, they began to introduce themselves.

“Howdy, Jane. My name’s Andy. Andy Schmidt,” the nerdy boy from earlier greeted.

“Hi,” Jane said as she nodded.

“And I’m Roxie Andretti,” the pretty brunette who complimented Jane that morning greeted with a smile, she then turned to the rest of the smiling kids who sat at the long table.

“This is Brenda Baxter,” Roxie pointed to the dishwater blonde, eyeglasses wearing girl who sat next to her.

Brenda smiled and waved.

“I’m Bruce McCauley,” said the dark haired, rugged-looking boy wearing faded jeans and black, leather jacket over a white tee. He stuck his hand out and Jane shook it.

“Nice to meet you,” Jane greeted.


Not far away, Breanna, Audrey, Kevin Hearns Jr, Raiden Childers, Elizabeth Hughes, Chandler Ames, Rhonda Eves, Hayley Adams, and Giles Crabtree, who was Audrey’s Older sister and a senior, were eating their lunch and dishing the tea of the latest gossip, when suddenly, Kevin Hearns looked up.

“Hey, Breanna, Audrey, check it out!” he said as he nudged them and pointed toward the table where Jane and her new friends sat.

The rest of the clique looked up and noticed that more students were flocking to Jane, shaking her hand, and patting her on the back. Breanna and Audrey scowled at Jane from across the commons area.

“Hmmm. Looks like our girl has become quite popular since the fight in the bathroom. Damn Breanna! You and Audrey really catapulted Jane Markowitz to instant stardom, didn’t you?” Chandler Ames remarked.

“Why don’t you shut the hell up, Chandler!” Giles retorted.

“Yeah, keep your damn mouth shut!” Breanna added.

Chandler put both hands up, chuckling.

Fuck that bitch!” Audrey spat, “Oh, she thinks she’s some kind of rockstar? Well, we’ll just have to take care of that, now, won’t we?”

Brielle’s Day in Court

When Brielle’s and Raina’s court date arrived, both women stood before a judge as Grandma Bennett, Marcelle, Jesse, Tim, and Paul sat in the seats behind them. Others who were in the courtroom were Paul Carrier, Raina’s husband, her sister, Kim, neighbor, Popeye, and Alvin, Brielle’s friend from the Boot Factory.

Sitting behind the prosecutor, Eric Newman, were Sheriff Bobby, Rita Winchester Crabtree, Grant and Misty Lindsay, Aaron and Sarah Dickerson Hughes, Stan and Petunia Early, and a few others from the reunion.

After both parties in the case told their sides of the story, Judge Fred Poston made his decision.

“In the best interest of both Thomasville and Glover County, I’m afraid I have no choice but to drop this case,” he announced.

Brielle and Raina let out sighs of relief, as did Grandma Bennett and their supporters, who sat behind them, as gasps, whispers, and low clamoring immediately broke out in the courtroom.

The arrogant smirks of the clique instantly changed. The smug smiles on their faces did not only change, but they also fell off and seemed to shatter like glass as their mouths dropped and eyes widened. The looks then turned to scowls of rage and contempt.

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