Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds II C7.6

That afternoon, Brielle was on the first break, chatting with Alvin when a voice sounded over the intercom.

“Brielle Markowitz, come to HR. Brielle Markowitz, to HR please.”

“I didn’t do it.” Brielle quipped with a smile as she got up.

Alvin chuckled.

“Girl, whatcha done did!” He quipped back.

Brielle snickered.

“It’s probably just a phone call from home. I’ll be right back,” She assured.

An Unexpected Page

When Brielle arrived in the HR department, Sam motioned for Brielle to enter his office while talking on the phone. Brielle entered and took a seat in front of Sam’s desk.

“Sure. Thank you. Have a good afternoon.” Sam told the person on the other end before hanging up.

Brielle tried her best to read the room, studying the look on Sam’s face to get a better bead on why he wanted to see her. He seemed distressed. Sam sighed as he leaned back in his chair and laced his fingers together across his belly.

“Uh-oh! This doesn’t look good!” Brielle thought.

“Brielle, you’re a great employee. One of the best. But we’re afraid we’re going to have to let you go.” Sam said ruefully.

“What? But you just promoted me, Sam. Now, you’re firing me? Why?” Brielle replied.

“We’re not firing you, Brielle. You’re being laid off. Work’s been kind of slow around here. Orders have dropped significantly, and we can no longer afford to keep you. But we’ll be sure and call you back as soon as things pick up.”

Although Brielle felt better after Sam mentioned laying her off, but she was still out of a job, and she couldn’t understand it. Things certainly didn’t look like they were slowing down at the factory, if anything, they looked the opposite- like they were picking up. The factory had been hiring new employees every day. Was Sam lying to her? Was someone in town pulling Dusty Trail’s strings and convincing them to get rid of her so that she’d be out of a job?

A Very Unpleasant Surprise

Something was off about this situation. Something just didn’t sit right. Brielle knew that Sam liked her, and he appreciated her hard work. Every day, Sam stopped by Brielle’s workstation to say hi to her. Those were good signs. What if he was forced to let her go?

Brielle maintained her composure as she stood up and stuck out her hand. She and Sam shook hands.

“It was a pleasure working with you. This is a great company with good people. I’m going to miss working here.” Brielle told him.

“We’re going to miss you too, Brielle.” Sam said with the hint of sadness on his face.

After Brielle left, Sam picked up the phone, dialed, and waited. After three rings, a male voice answered on the other end.

“Sheriff’s office.”

“Alright, you sorry son of a bitch, you got what you wanted. She’s gone! Now don’t call this plant anymore!” Sam said in a low, angry voice.

“Now, that’s my boy! That’s what I like to hear,” said the voice of Bobby Crabtree.

“I’m not your boy! And you can go fuck yourself, you sick bastard!” Sam growled before hanging up.

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