Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds II C7.5

Break the Silence words in 3d letters crashing trhough red glass to illustrate protesting in injustice or censorship and raising your voice in defiance

Suddenly, Grandma looked up and saw Jesse come out from behind the refrigerator, followed by Jerome. The look on her face changed from compassion for Brielle to anger at the two men. She straightened up and put her hands on her hips.

“’Mind telling me why you boys can’t mind your own business?” Grandma said, raising her voice.

Brielle flinched and looked up, seeing the two men.

“Oh, God!” she said as she put her forehead in one hand and shook her head, then slammed her hand down on the table.

“What are you two doing in here! This was supposed to be a private conversation!” Brielle chided.

“Hell, we’d just came in here to fix a sandwich!” Jerome replied.

“Yeah, and we just happened to overhear some of what you were talking about, so we stopped and listened to the rest of it. What the hell’s going on, Brielle!” Jesse said defensively.

“None of your damn business!” Grandma shouted.

“Grandma, we heard everything. And you know what? I’m gonna go do something about that Bobby Crabtree! Right here and now! You can believe that!” Jesse thundered.

“Oh no you’re not, you’re keeping your asses right here!” Grandma yelled.

“Aw, Grandma! What do you care what we do to some sonvabitch hiding behind a damn sheriff’s badge, huh! That motherfucker! I’m tired of him thinkin’ he can bully Brielle and all these other people around here, and, by God-“

“Now, Jesse James Bennett, I said, that’s enough!” Grandma loudly insisted, shaking her finger at him, “You’re not leaving this house! Now you keep your ass here!”

“Alright! I’ll stay here! But I swear to Almighty Jesus, if I see that goddam wuss who calls himself a sheriff, I’ll show him the law of the jungle!”

“And you’ll end up in jail too, or worse! He might just kill ya! Now I don’t want you to do something that might cause you to end up like that Willie Suggs guy, Jesse! The Crabtree’s are evil, I’ll grant you that, but they’re not people you mess around with! Now settle down!”

Jane came into the kitchen holding the baby.

“My God! What’s everybody fighting about?” she cried.

Brielle jumped up and put her hand on her eldest daughter’s back. She then steered her back into the living room.

“That’s it! We’re going home,” Brielle said in a short tone.

“But Mom, what’s going on?” Jane continued.

“This is not a conversation a fourteen-year-old needs to get in on. Just get yours and the baby’s things and let’s go.”

Brielle stormed back into the kitchen and glared at Jesse and Jerome.

“You got a big mouth, ya know that! Jane didn’t need to hear all this commotion in here!” she scolded, before storming back into the living room.

Jesse just stood there and sighed while Jerome shook his head in regret.

“Brielle, I’ll be at your house to watch the kids in time for you to go to work!” Grandma called out as Brielle and Jane got ready to leave.

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