Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds II C7.4

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The next morning, Brielle woke up at almost ten o’clock. She dressed, tied her long, highlighted hair back, then drove to Grandma Bennett’s house, where Jane and the baby greeted her in the yard.

“Hey, baby girl!” Brielle gushed lovingly as she hugged her daughter. Jane handed the baby over to her mother.

After Brielle came inside, she and Grandma went into the kitchen and sat at the dinner table. Jane followed. Brielle handed the baby back to Jane.

“Jane, honey, can you take the baby into the living room and watch her? Grandma and I need to talk in private.” Brielle gently told her daughter.

“Sure, Mom.”

Putting the baby on her shoulder, Jane went back into the living room.

“What happened last night, Brielle? What had you so upset?” Grandma asked in a low, gentle, but concerned tone.

Unbeknownst to Grandma Bennett and Brielle, Jesse and Jerome quietly walked into the kitchen through the back door, while they were talking. When the two men noticed that Brielle was distressed, they stopped sudden. There they stood, undetected by the women, listening intently to every word. They then crept back on the other side of the refrigerator so that they wouldn’t be seen.

Brielle Confides in Grandma Bennett

“Bobby pulled me over while I was on my way here from work. He told me to get out of the door, which I did. He ordered me to step around to the front of his car and behind mine. I did what I was told, although something didn’t feel right. Because I hadn’t been speeding or doing anything illegal. But, oh, Lord, Grandma! I just had this awful feeling in the pit of my stomach. He brought up the fight Jane had with his daughter and her friend at school, yesterday. Even though he knows good and well it was self-defense, he accused me and Jane of taking advantage of our martial arts training. He made it sound like just because we hold blackbelts that we just go around beating up on people anytime we feel like it and that is so untrue! We only use it in cases of self-defense.” Brielle told her.

“Honey, I know that. Most people who know you, know it too.” Grandma lovingly assured her.

“Do they, Grandma? Because I’m beginning to wonder if they do.”

“Sweetie, you can’t worry about what those creeps think or what they say. The people who really know you know they’re full of it.”

“I realize that Grandma. But most of the people who do know me better than that don’t have the power that the ones who hate me have. And the sheriff has such power in this town that he could ruin me if he wanted too. And confronting me about Jane isn’t all he did.”

“Oh, Brielle.”

Jesse and Jerome the Eavesdroppers

“You won’t believe what he did next, Grandma! He grabbed me, pinned me against the back of my car, then he pulled his gun out and dared me to use karate on him! He stuck the barrel of his gun to the bottom of my chin and pressed upward so hard it hurt! He told me that he could blow me away if he wanted to. And that he could plant drugs in my car and make it look like I attacked him while resisting arrest! He even threatened my children, saying that once I was dead, he could have them taken away from this family and put into foster care! He threatened to come after my entire family!” Brielle continued as tears ran down her cheeks, “Oh my God, Grandma! What kind of people am I dealing with here?”

Hearing Brielle’s story, Grandma Bennett’s eyes grew wide, and she gasped. She slowly rose from her chair, came around the table, and put her arms around Brielle.

“You know? I don’t easily scare these days, but Grandma, I’m really afraid right now. I’m afraid for myself, my children, this family!”

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