Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds II C7.3

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Brielle and Popeye continued to talk. It seemed Popeye had kept his eyes and ears open. He seemed to know about everything that had gone on in Thomasville and all about the dirty dealings there.

“I don’t think Shannon realized what she was walking into, but, again, she uncovered a lot of really bad things,” Brielle continued.

“That, she did, Brielle. But she only scratched the surface.” Popeye informed.

“Oh my God! What do you mean?” Brielle asked as she perked up.

“Willie Suggs, the guy killed because he’d busted the ring that was producing that VitaYouth concoction? ” Popeye went on.


“Willie was my brother. He was my older brother. He and I both knew what was going on, only I was quieter about it, Brielle. Now, I wish I hadn’t been.”

“Oh my God, Popeye. I’m so sorry about your brother. Lord, I can’t even imagine your pain,” Brielle said, her face showing shock and horror, “And that VitaYouth drug they were making? My aunt died taking that stuff and I’ll forever commend your brother for trying to warn people about it.”

Popeye’s Heartbreaking Revelation

“There’s much, much more going on here! Something big- huge! And the less you know about it, the better!” Popeye warned.

Although this was good advice, Popeye’s last statement only did the opposite. It peaked Brielle’s interest and desire to know the truth.

Brielle paused for a moment before continuing to speak.

“When the sheriff pulled me over and confronted me about Jane, he flipped out, Popeye! He attacked me, pinned me down, and stuck the barrel of his gun under my chin!” Brielle informed, “Then he threatened to go after my family- my children!”

“Damn!” Popeye exclaimed, shaking his head, “Why am I not surprised! I’m telling you, Brielle, that Sheriff Bobby Crabtree? He’s a cold-blooded killer! Just like his brother, Johnny! The Crabtree’s and the Lindsay’s are just two of the families who are highly feared in this town.”

“Thank you so much, Popeye, for listening. And I’m so sorry about your brother, Willie.” Brielle said softly. She hugged Popeye and he reciprocated the hug.

When Brielle let go, she stood up and looked at the clock on the wall.

“Lord, it’s almost three o’clock in the morning.” She said.

“Yep. I gotta get to bed myself.” Popeye said, “Brielle, you watch yourself. Hear? Some of the these people in this town are meaner than you realize.”

“I will, Popeye.”

“G’night, Brielle. I’ll see ya tomorrow sometime.”

4 thoughts on “Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds II C7.3

  1. WebbBlogs says:

    Well your writing is amazing. I am so in to this story that its causing so many different emotions as I am reading. I feel for some of the characters while others leave me so mad. Its like I’m in the story and not just reading it. Wonderfully written 😁😁

    • cheriewhite says:

      Oh, thank you so much, Ms Webb! You definitely encourage me to write more and I’ll definitely finish the book sometime next year. So, there’s plenty of upcoming exciting parts that leap to an explosion climax and ending.

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