Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds II C6.12

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“Step around to the front of my vehicle, Brielle.”

Brielle gave Bobby a puzzled look. Nevertheless, she did as she was told. Bobby then stood in front of her with a look of contempt.

“Are you aware that your daughter, Jane, assaulted my daughter and a few other girls at school today?” The sheriff asked angrily.

“Yeah. After they jumped her first.” Brielle answered matter-of-factly.

“Is that a fact?” Bobby challenged.

“That’s a fact.” Brielle answered bravely.

The sheriff placed his hands on his hips and looked Brielle dead in the eyes. His eyes become slits and one side of his upper lip rose in contempt.

“You and your daughter seem to think that because you know martial arts that you can just go around beatin’ up on people anytime you feel like it. Don’t you?” He growled angrily.

“That’s not how it is, and you know it!” Brielle fired back in a low growl as well.

Bobby stepped closer to Brielle and got nose to nose with her. Brielle continued to look the sheriff dead in the eyes.

An Illegal Stop

“You know? Just because you and your sweet little daughters have blackbelts doesn’t give you the right to go around beating up on people. You’d best remember that, in this town, we…have…the power! You might physically be able to overpower us, but you’ll never overpower us psychologically or politically. Girl, we have tactics and tricks you couldn’t even comprehend! And we have ways of making people’s lives hard. Oh, yeah, we have ways, sweetheart! Hell, for years, we’ve had a few people stuck in places they still haven’t figured out how to get out of! So, my advice to you is to keep a real tight rein on that daughter of yours! Or, you’re going to find out just how bad things can get! You hear me, Brielle Bennett! Or Markowitz, or whatever name the suck-head who didn’t know you but was stupid enough to marry you gave you!” The sheriff fired off.

“Are you done?” Brielle asked in a low but serious tone, maintaining her stare into the sheriff’s eyes without blinking.

Suddenly, the sheriff grabbed Brielle by her blouse with one hand and pinned her into the back of her SUV. He drew his gun with the other hand and shoved the nose of it under her chin.

A Criminal with a Badge

“You’ve gotten mighty uppity over the years! And this  overconfidence of yours is likely to be your downfall! You know? I could take full advantage of that blackbelt of yours. I could blow your head clean off, then tell the rest of the world how you used your karate, or jujitsu, or whatever you’re trained in, to assault me, an officer of the law! I could plant drugs in your car and tell everyone how I feared for my life and had to shoot you in self-defense because you resisted arrest and tried to take me down and escape! And you know what the real beauty is? Everyone in this town, or everyone who matters anyway, would believe me because they hate your fucking guts! Best part is that I could orphan your children, take them away from your family, and send them off to foster care! Oh, yeah! I can just imagine what your kids’ futures would be! You just keep shooting your smart mouth off, girl, and I’ll flip your whole world upside down! And not only yours, but that of your entire fucking family! You best remember that you stripper-pole-hugging bitch!” The sheriff growled and snarled through gritted teeth, spewing saliva as he talked.

Brielle never made a sound but only contorted her face in anger while gritting her teeth and panting.

Bobby then let go of Brielle with another shove.

“Get in your car and get the hell out of here!”

With eyes blazing, lips thinned covering gritted teeth, and face hardened with rage, Brielle stormed to the driver’s side door, open it, and got into her vehicle. She then slammed the door and drove off, slinging gravel.

Sheriff Bobby only stood there and watched her drive away with fury and contempt.

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