Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds II C6.10

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When Brielle arrived at the school an hour later, she walked into the office to see none other than Misty Lindsay, sitting beside Breanna, who held a wet, bloody rag to her nose and another one to the side of her head.

Seeing Brielle come through the door, Misty paused, shocked! Her eyes then turned into slits and her lips thinned as her face turned beet red.

“Awww! Hell no!” Misty yelled as she jumped out of her seat and got nose to nose with Brielle.

“So, it was your bitch daughter that did that to my daughter! Why you little bitch! I guess you never gave that little slut any home training, did you!” She continued.

“Hey! You watch how you talk about my little girl!” Brielle shot back.

“Oh, you wanna say something, bitch? Say something! Open your bear-trap, bitch! Say it! You’ll be sucking on my fist!” Misty screamed before charging at Brielle and provoking her to put her dominant leg back, put her hands up and take a karate stance.

When Brielle’s hands went up, Misty’s eyes widened with fear and she stopped dead.

“Mom!” Jane shouted.

Misty turned and glared at Jane.

“Shut up, you little bitch!” She demanded loudly.

Misty Acts Like a Complete Idiot in the Principal’s Office

Brielle was appalled at the gutter language that was coming out of Misty’s mouth. And how dare she call Jane a bitch! The angry mama bear shoved Misty backwards as hard as she could.

“Nobody tells my daughter to shut up but me! And you call her a bitch again and it’s going to be me and you, Misty! You think I’m afraid of you? Keep talking! Just keep talking and I’ll show you how scared I am!” Brielle warned, raising her voice.

Misty charged at Brielle once more and the principal and security officer came running in and pulled her back.

“You’re banging my husband and your daughter’s beating up on mine! You better watch your fuckin’ back, bitch!” Misty threatened.

“You’re supposed to be a nurse, Misty! And this is how you act? God! You’re a disgusting person!” Brielle bit back

“Shut the fuck up!” Misty screamed again.

“Now, Misty! You have to calm down now.” The principal pleaded, “Throwing one of your temper tantrums isn’t doing Breanna or Jane any good here. And it’s not going to solve anything.”

The security officer gave Misty a stern look and put one hand up.

“We’re not gonna have this, Misty. Now you and Mrs. Markowitz need to cool it. Alright? Don’t make us call the police because you’ll both go to jail if we do.”

Jane shook her head, looking at her mother.

“Mom, no! Please!” She grunted. Brielle stepped back.

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