Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds II C6.7

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“Girl, you’re like a daughter to me! And that’s how I see you! I how much respect for you because you ain’t petty like a lot of these trifling women around here. Maybe that’s the reason a lot of people in Thomasville talk so ugly about you. Because they’re jealous of you and your virtues. Don’t listen to them, Brielle. Continue to be yourself and you got it made. ‘Hear me?”

“Oh, you betcha! I don’t have time to be fake. It’s too much work and I’m lazy as hell.” Brielle said.

Alvin threw his head back and laughed. Brielle smiled.

“Girl, ya crazy!”

Just after dinner, Alvin and Brielle had returned to their workstations. Brielle sat her purse in the cubby hole under her seat. She looked up and saw something or someone that made her gasp with shock and terror. Alvin noticed her reaction and spoke up.

A Dreadful Presence at Work

“Hey, Brielle. What’s up? What’s wrong?”

Alvin looked in the direction that Brielle was looking.

Lo and behold, there stood Sheriff Bobby, about fifty feet away, looking dead at Brielle. Then looking at Alvin. Beside Bobby Crabtree stood Brielle’s supervisor, Ross. The two men seemed to be having a deep conversation while looking in Brielle’s direction. The Sheriff then shook Ross’ hand and walked toward the front exit. As he walked past Brielle, he smirked at her.

Alvin stared at Bobby as he continued to walk, getting smaller and smaller in his field of vision. He then looked at Brielle.

“Is the Sheriff giving you problems, Brielle?” He asked.

“Nothing I can’t handle.” Brielle answered as she began to sweep around the line.

Alvin Gives Brielle the Lowdown

“That sheriff is a very bad man- an evil man. You get mixed up with any of the Crabtree’s, you’re likely to end up dead. That’s what happened to our last sheriff- Crawford. And the sin Crawford committed was being in the position that Bobby Crabtree coveted. That’s why he’s no longer alive.” Alvin said begrudgingly, “Now, Crawford? That was a good sheriff! The best!”

“Yeah, I heard. Grandma and a few others in my family filled me in on it.” Brielle said.

Alvin’s brow furrowed and his eyes turned into slits. He continued glaring at the sheriff and watched as he made his way toward the front door of the factory.

“Murderin’ bastard! Just like yo damn brother!” Alvin mumbled in a low voice before turning to his machine and going back to work.

The next day at school, just before first period, Jane sat at her desk and opened her notebook to reveal her completed homework assignment that Mrs. Dumas had assigned the day before. She then opened her textbook and began reading.

Suddenly, a hand reached out and snatched the book right out from under Jane’s nose.

Jane is Confronted by Bullies

“Well, well! Whatcha readin’, babes?” A girl’s taunting voice rang out.

Both shocked and annoyed, Jane looked up to see two girls, one short, curvy blonde and a tall thin brunette, standing over her. The short blonde, Breanna Lindsay, flipped through the pages of Jane’s textbook. The tall brunette, Audrey Crabtree leaned over Breanna’s shoulder to take a look at what Jane had been reading.

The other students looked up. They then looked at each other and snickered, a few covered their mouths and chortled.

“Oooh, ‘quite the studious little bookworm, aren’t we?” Audrey derided.

Jane just sat there, glaring contemptuously at the girls.

“Do you mind giving my book back?” Jane asked.

“’Do you mind giving my book back?’” Breanna mocked, “Awww! What’s the matter, babes? You mad? You mad, sis?”

Suddenly, Breanna’s tone turned from mocking to aggressive.

Jane Stands Up to the Bullies at School

“’You want your book back that bad? Here, take it!” She shouted as she gave the book back by aggressively shoving it in Jane’s face so hard it hurt.

Scattered cackles and laughter sounded behind Jane as she jumped to her feet and got nose to nose with the two girls. Breanna and Audrey jumped back and throw up their fists, each taking a defensive position.

“Yeah, come on, bitch! Bring it!” She yelled.

“You’re real tough when it’s two on one, aren’t you! Neither one of you are about shit! You’re all talk!” Jane growled.

“Oh, really!” Breanna bit back, “We’ve got a message for you to take home and give to your white-trash mom! You’d best tell her that we know all about what she did in Cali and that we know where she lives. If she talks to my dad again, posts any more videos, or runs her mouth about anybody we care about, she’s going to rue the day she ever came back here! Got it, bitch!”

“Yeah! And if my dad loses his position because of you, we’re personally going to pay you and your mom a visit and it’s not going to be pretty!” Audrey added.

A Threat of Retaliation

“How’s this! You tell her your damned self! I won’t be your carrier pigeon just because you or your parents don’t have the sack to confront my mom!” Jane fired off in a sassy tone.

“Alright, Jane! Sit down and shut up! Breanna, Audrey, get out of here and go to your classes! Now!” The shouting voice of Mrs. Dumas sounded, startling the sparring girls and causing them to flinch.

Mrs. Dumas made her way to her desk, carrying her purse and an arm load of books. Breanna and Audrey looked at Jane before leaving.

“You best watch your back, sweetheart!” Breanna growled.

“I said, out!” Mrs. Dumas shouted louder.

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