Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds II C6.5

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Twenty minutes later, Kim arrived with two kids. The two friends sat in Brielle’s living room and talked for over an hour while Kennedy slept in her play pin. Jane, Olivia, and Kim’s children Jacob and Caleb played Jacks on the kitchen floor.

“So, you got the extreme displeasure of meeting Grant Lindsay’s crazy wife, Misty. Huh, Brielle?” Kim said, snickering.

“I knew her in school, Kim. She was crazy then and she’s even crazier now. Idiots like her get more unhinged with age,” Brielle answered.

“You know, Brielle? You’re not the first woman she’s done that to. Misty’s gone after a lot of women because of Grant,” Kim informed her.

“Really? So, Grant is a cheater?”

“Bigtime, girl! He’s practically a living legend around here. Some years back, he was sneaking out with a real young girl named Michelle and Misty threatened to beat her ass if she ever ran into her,” Kim continued.

Kim Serves the Thomasville Tea

“Wow! Sounds like Misty’s got her hands full with Grant, huh?” Brielle reckoned.

“You got that right. I’m surprised Grant hasn’t ended up with Herpes or some shit!”

“But why would anyone think I’d ever even consider going out with a married man? I just don’t do that nonsense, Kim. I’m not going to be anyone’s side-chick. If I get into a relationship, I want to be the only one! Because, as I see it, if a man will cheat on his wife, he’ll cheat on you too. And I have more respect for myself than that. If I’m going to date a man, I want one who’s available- one of my own! If Misty’s smart, she’ll leave that piece of scum and get tested for STDs.”

“I hear you, girl. But listen. It’s going around that you were a dancer back in
California and people are starting to watch you. I know you’re a great person and how you lived your life in the past doesn’t bother me. I would never judge you. But there are a lot of scumbags and busybodies in this town who will. I just want to warn you. People around here aren’t very forgiving,” Kim warned.

“Yeah, I know. I went to school with a lot of them. Remember?” Brielle said with a smile.

An Angry Husband

Kim smiled back.

Suddenly, Brielle and Kim heard a knock at the door. Brielle rose from her seat and answered the door. It was Kim’s husband Hank.

“Is my wife in there?” He asked in an annoyed tone.

“Sure.” Brielle answered, “Kim, it’s Hank.

When Kim came to the door, Hank grew angry.

“What the hell are you doing over here! I come home from a hard day’s work and you’re over here yapping with Brielle when you should be home getting dinner ready! You and these kids bring your asses back to the house, now!”

“I was just talking to Brielle, and I lost track of time,” Kim replied as she scrambled to gather her sons.

“You were just! You were just being a little gossip! You’re always running your mouth when you should tend to your own business and your own family! Now get these kids and get home!” Hank snapped.

Brielle saw the look of shock and pain on Kim’s face.

“I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Okay?” Kim whispered as she and Brielle hugged each other, “Come by the salon sometime and we’ll drink some more tea.”

“I’ll sure will,” Brielle whispered back.

And Kim and the kids left.

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    • cheriewhite says:

      Absolutely, LaShelle! Hank is definitely one of the jerks in this book. My husband is great to me. But I’ve personally seen a few of my friends treated this way and it broke my heart for them.

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