May We Never Forget 9/11

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I can’t help but look back on the past twenty-one years since that horrible tragedy that befell our beloved nation. My heart aches for the lives lost on that fateful day and for the loved ones left behind.

I also mourn the loss of the America that I grew up in. It was the America that my Daddy served and took great pride in. Also, it was an America whose people once felt secure and free in. I remember an America whose schools always began the day with the Pledge of Allegiance and The Lord’s Prayer. We lived in an America without some of the ridiculous laws of today. I remember an America whose people were never afraid to call something what it is. Most importantly, I remember an America that was not afraid to profess its faith in God.

I grieve for a once-great nation who’s people were proud to be Americans instead of ashamed of it. We were proud to fly Old Glory on our lawns and it never occurred to us that there would one day be those who would try to force us to take it down. I grew up during a time when standing on the flag was unheard of. In those days, great care was taken so that it never even touched the ground.

Our Country Was Never the Same as Before 9/11

I watched in horror as the Twin Towers burned on my television screen that morning. Somehow, I knew that this country would never again be the same.  And just as I feared, life as we knew it was forever changed.

I remember the images on the news as does everyone else. I recall the towers burning and falling and the streets being covered with ash, plane parts, concrete, and papers.

But the image that haunts me the most is of people plummeting 100 stories to their deaths to escape the intense heat of burning jet fuel.

For the life of me, I cannot comprehend the terror that went through their minds as they plunged to the hard asphalt below. The gut-wrenching feeling of knowing that I am inevitably about to die and having to choose which way to go is unfathomable. I can’t imagine the alternative being so horrible that I would have to jump from so high up!

I hope and pray that no one will ever again be put in a situation to where they would have to make a horrible and soul-shaking decision. Ever! I also hope and pray that we the people can rise up and take back the values and morals of yesterday. And I’m confident that we will once again be the freer, happier and more care-free country we once knew.

In God We Trust
God bless the USA

17 thoughts on “May We Never Forget 9/11

      • mosckerr says:

        “Remember Fake News noise did not start with its propaganda war against President Trump.” Remember Remember the criminal 9/11 justification for the Patriot Act abomination. A false flag attack made by the Cheney/Bush war criminals. No WMD found in Iraq.
        Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. The Pentagon strike,,, just the day before,,, Rumsfeld admitted that the Pentagon could not account for some $2.3 Trillion. Where did the Pentagon store the key record information of those missing $Trillions? Amazing right where the missile struck the Pentagon. No Wings nor Engines ever found. Jet fuel,,, its basically kerosine. It cannot generate the heat required to melt the engines designed to safely burn that fuel. The immediate removal of all evidence at a crime scene dastardly violates police detective research of that crime. The only justice for 9/11, Trump publicly humiliated at the Republican Primaries the 3rd leg of the Bush criminal legacy of disgrace.

        Building #7 “magically imploded on itself”. So convenient its collapse destroyed all the Enron criminal evidence of Federal Government fraud. Thousands of Americans died on that day and in the later US military defeats in both Iraq and Afghanistan. What a public disgrace of the criminal establishment which defines Corrupt Washington DC politics.

        • cheriewhite says:

          I think we all have our suspicions about that horrible day and the number one suspicion people seem to have is that it was an inside job by the global evil-lites. Unfortunately, we’ll probably never know the truth until this life is over. Thank you so much for sharing your input.

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