Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds II C6.3

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When Brielle heard a second knock at the door, she became frustrated.

“Oh, Lord! Who is it now!” she sighed as she got up again.

When Brielle answered the door, she found Popeye on her doorstep.

“How can I help you, Popeye?” She asked kindly but still visibly shaken.

“I just wanted to see if you were alright. I was across the field tending to my crops when I heard shouting and saw a vehicle peel away.” He told her in a voice of concern.

“Oh, that was Misty Allen Lindsay, Grant Lindsay’s wife- accusing me of having an affair with the creep just because he was over here the other morning investigating that burglary.” Brielle told him, “She still uses such horrible language, just like she did in school. Come in. I was just feeding the baby.”

She let Popeye in the house.

“Misty Lindsay? Aw, that woman is crazier than a bitsy bug! You ain’t the only woman she’s accused of banging Grant, you know! She’s always accusing other women of doing her husband! Like his privates are made of solid gold!” Popeye said before giving a loud chuckle.

“Yuck! The guy is nothing to look at! In fact, he’s uglier than the bottom of my shoe! Even worse, Grant Lindsay’s so stupid, he couldn’t pour piss out of a boot even if the instructions were on the heel!” Brielle told him, “How she thinks anyone would want his useless butt is beyond my comprehension!”

Popeye gave another chuckle. The baby began crying in the kitchen.

“I’m headed to the kitchen to finish feeding the baby. You want some coffee? Some breakfast, maybe?” Brielle asked politely.

“I’ll take some coffee.” Popeye answered.

Brielle smiled as she went into the kitchen.

“You got it!” she assured.

Meanwhile, at Thomasville High School, the students there were changing classes, going from their third period class to lunch. Carrying a backpack full of books, Jane made a stop by the girl’s restroom. She walked into the crowded, well-lit school bathroom and walked past the long vanity and long mirror.

A crowd of girls were busy gossiping, primping, applying lip gloss, brushing their hair, and touching up on their mascara. Jane eased her way through the crowd of clamoring girls and walked into the first empty stall she came to. Cigarette smoke wafted through the bathroom, coming from the last stall, which was furthest from the door.

After Jane finished, she rose from the toilet, zipped, and buttoned her jeans, and opened the stall door to leave when she was startled to see Janessa, April, and one more waiting girl leaning on each side of the stall with their arms folded and smirks on their faces.

“Welcome to Thomasville High…Jane.” Janessa said in a half-threatening, half-sarcastic voice.

“Thanks.” Jane said as she started to walk past the girls.

The girls only moved to block her path. Jane gave Janessa and the rest of the girls a look of contempt.

“What’s your problem?” She asked, annoyed, and continued to move past them, but Janessa shoved her back.

“Hey! What are you? Psycho?” Jane chided.

The three girl-bullies came into the stall and crowded Jane, making sure to pin her in. The maybe twenty other bystanders suddenly stopped and stared. The clamoring sounds turned to sounds of gasps, oh-my-gods, and uh-ohs, then silence.

“Looks like you’re the one with the problems.” Janessa bit.

“I don’t think so.” Jane countered, “Excuse me please.”

And she forcefully shoved her way past the girls, knocking Janessa against the inside of the stall and walked out. Janessa and her friends stood there and sneered at Jane as she made her way toward the bathroom door.

“Whooooaaa!” The bystanders shouted as they jumped back.

“What the fuck! Oh, you want to push past somebody? Who do you think you are, bitch!” Janessa shouted.

Jane only walked out the door without responding, hearing derisive giggles and whispers behind her. Janessa and her friends looked at each other in indignance.

“Oh, no! She did not just shove past us! She did not!” April shouted.

“Oooh, she’s gonna pay dearly for that!” Janessa vowed resentfully.

“Damn right she is!” Samantha, the third girl added.

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  1. Inner Musings says:

    Seriously? Those girls are trying to mess with Jane? If I remember correctly from a previous chapter, Jane was the one who stood up to her very abuse father, right? Well, good luck to those bullies. Hope we get to see Jane give them what they deserve 😏

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