Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds II C6.2

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At Thomasville Middle School, Olivia sat in Mrs. Fisher’s homeroom as the teacher made her way down the rows of desks, handing each child she came to a math book and science book.

Olivia took her books and opened them, scanning them and reading the table of contents. Suddenly, she sensed that she was being watched. She looked up to see the kids around her staring at her. A few of them turned to each other and whispered in the other’s ear. Then she heard giggles.

After Mrs. Fisher was through handing out textbooks, she walked over to Olivia’s desk and stood beside her.

“Class, we have a new student. Meet Olivia Markowitz from California. Please make her feel welcome and help her anyway you can.” She announced before returning to her desk.

Awkward Stares

Loud whispers rose from the class and many of the other kids cut their eyes at Olivia. Olivia returned the stares.

“Her mom’s the one who posted that video. My mom pointed her out to us during registration.” One girl whispered.

Another girl gasped, “Noooo!”

“You know her mom’s Brielle Bennett! My mom went to school with her mom and she say’s that Brielle was trash and that nobody liked her! So, nobody’s going to like her daughter sitting over there either!”

Hearing this, Olivia sighed as she tried to distract herself by reading the textbook in front of her.

Meanwhile, Brielle was at home, in the kitchen. She placed the baby in her highchair and was about to sit down and feed little Kennedy when she heard a knock at the door. Bandit began the usual long cluster of suspicious barks and Brielle rose from the table.

An Unexpected and Unpleasant Visit

“Bandit, be quiet!” She ordered.

Bandit kept barking.

“Hold on, sweetie, Mommy will be right back.” Brielle gently assured the baby before headed for the front door.

When she answered it, a blonde woman in scrubs, obviously a nurse, was standing on her doorstep. She looked at the woman’s nametag and it read, “Misty Lindsay, RN.” Brielle didn’t have to read the name tag, she instantly recognized Misty from the reunion and her guard immediately went up.

“How may I help you?” She asked suspiciously.

“’Word’s going around that my husband, Grant Lindsay, was at your house the other night. So, you’re the bitch who’s been sleeping with my husband!” Misty shouted in a jealous rage.

A Jealous and Angry Wife

“What!” Brielle shouted back.

The baby’s cries sounded off, coming from the kitchen. Bandit continued barking louder behind Brielle. She looked back toward the kitchen, wanting to go see about her crying baby.

“Look, I’m busy, Misty!” she said in a cold tone.

But Misty continued, ignoring the baby’s cries.

“I want you to stop sleeping with my fucking husband!”

“Lady, you’ve lost your ever-loving mind! He was here investigating a damn burglary, for God’s sake!”

“Really? Well, I heard he was investigating a hell of a lot more than a goddam burglary! He was investigating the inside of your panties is what I was told!”

A Ridiculous Accusation

Suddenly, Bandit appeared, viciously snarling and barking as he tried to rush past Brielle to charge the threatening presence that stood on the doorstep.

Misty jumped back in horror!

“So, help me Jesus! If that dog bites me, I’ll sue your ass in the ground and have that mangy mutt taken and put down!” she threatened viciously.

Brielle grabbed Bandit by the collar and held him back before returning her glare to Misty.

“You get the hell off my property, lady! You’re nuts!” Brielle shot back, yelling over the barking dog, before slamming the door in Misty’s face.

“This ain’t over yet, bitch!” Brielle heard Misty scream on the other side of the door. She then heard the cranking of an automobile engine. The engine revved loudly, then she heard the squeal of tires as Misty peeled away in a rage.

Just across the road, was the field that Popeye happened to own. He was tending to it when he heard the shouts coming from Brielle’s place, heard the door slam. He stopped and watched as a short blonde woman stormed her way to a black SUV, got in, and peeled away.

Popeye set his garden hoe down and walked across the street. He then knocked at Brielle’s door.

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    • cheriewhite says:

      True. But it’s one of those cases where you think they’ve all grown up and gotten on with their lives. Sadly, many who were targets assume that years later, Michael. And most of her family are there, which makes it harder not to move there. Also, she’s left her abusive husband and needs the support of her family right now.

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