Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds II C4.7

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“Oh, no she didn’t!” Rita yelled to the top of her lungs at she sat at her computer in hers and Bobby’s bedroom, “Bobby! You gotta come take a look at this!”

Sheriff Bobby came rushing into the bedroom.

“What are you so fired up about!” he asked, annoyed.

“Look at this!” Rita said, standing up and pointing to the computer screen.

Bobby’s eyes grew wide, and his mouth dropped as he watched the incriminating video. His face then, ever so slowly, turned red. His brows furrowed, his eyes turn to tiny slits, his jaws clinched, and his lips grew thin as he gritted his teeth.

Rita stood behind Bobby with her arms folded and her eyes narrowed. If looks could kill, anyone within ten feet of her would have been dead on the floor on eye contact.

They both watched the video until the end. Once the video ended, a video of Brielle appeared. Brielle told her story.

Viral Video Evidence

“I want to thank everyone for watching and sharing this video. These are the same people who relentlessly and viciously bullied me all during high school. They made my life hell back then. And sadly, they’re the same ignorant, lowlife rednecks they were twenty years ago. These are supposed to be adults, but, as you just saw, they act like a bunch of immature children. One of them happens to be the Sheriff of Glover County, Tennessee. And Ashton Childers, the man who tried to grab me as I was trying to get into my car and remove myself from the situation, is one of his deputies. It seems that the bullies who made my life hell in school have moved into positions of power in Thomasville and Glover County, Tennessee. But no matter what, I’ll never again allow them to abuse me like they did back then. My friend and I will fight this nonsense in court on October the thirtieth at nine o’clock in the morning. Please give us your support! What we’re dealing with is a gross miscarriage of justice and it isn’t fair. Self-defense is not a crime! We all have a right to defend ourselves when we’re threatened. Always remember that. Thank you so much. And goodnight.”

Rita unfolded her arms and slowly moved her hands down to her sides, clinching her fists. Her breathing quickened and her nostrils flared as she huffed huge puffs of air through her nose. She looked like a bull in a bullfight getting ready to charge a matador.


“That bitch was wearing a fucking body cam! That fucking bitch!” Bobby yelled as he jumped up from the desk chair with such force that the chair few back and toppled over.

“And look!” Rita chimed in, “This video already has over eleven thousand shares and over a hundred thousand reactions! We’re fucking screwed, Bobby!”

“Oh no, we’re not!” Bobby growled, “She is! She’s fucking screwed! That goddam Brielle Bennett Markowitz is going to pay dearly for this! I promise you that! I’m fixing to make a few phone calls.”

The following Monday, morning, Brielle dropped her SUV off at Scheffler Glass and paid to have them replace the broken back window of her car. Later that afternoon, Brielle drove Grandma Bennett’s Ford XLT pickup to work. She reported to work at Dusty Trail Boots Mfg, better known as “The Boot Factory.”

On the other side of town, two black SUVs, both with California license plates, slowly drove into the Thomasville City Limits. They lurched around the square and parked in front of the courthouse. Out of each SUV, stepped two big burly men, three white, one black, all dressed in black suits. One of the white men had a ring in his nose and the black man had an earring in his left ear.

Strangers in Town

The four men approached a lady on the street and handed her a photograph.

“Excuse me, ma’am. We’re wondering if you’ve seen the woman in this photograph.” The man with the nose ring said politely.

The woman looked at the photograph carefully.

“Well, she doesn’t look familiar. What’s her name?”

“Brielle Markowitz. Brielle Bennett Markowitz.” Nose Ring answered.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Bobby arrived at the sheriff’s office after taking the morning off and having a late lunch.

“Well, Sheriff. I’m surprised to see you here at after three in the afternoon,” A young deputy told him.

“I had some personal business to take care of. Aren’t you supposed to be on patrol, Rookie?” Bobby replied in a threatening tone.

“Yes sir. I was just getting ready to leave.” The young deputy said nervously.

“Then get to it!” Bobby said, raising his voice.

A Sense of Panic in the Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Bobby looked at Ashton, who was sitting at his desk drinking a hot cup of coffee and reading reports. He made a head gesture for him to follow him into his office. Ashton rose from his desk and did what he was told. Once they were both inside Bobby’s office, Bobby closed the door. Ashton sat in one of the chairs in front of the Sheriff’s desk. Bobby sat down at his desk and looked at Ashton.

“You don’t look or sound like you’re in a very good mood, Bobby,” Ashton mentioned.

“You’re right! I’m not! Wanna guess why?” Bobby said coldly.

“I already know why, Bobby! I’m not in a great mood myself and it’s all for the same reasons,” Ashton said in a rough tone, “What do you want me to do?”

“I want everything you can find on Brielle Bennett Markowitz! And I mean everything– where she lives, address history, where she works, where her family live, marriages, whether she’s got children, any criminal records, traffic tickets, finances, job records, psychiatric records- I! Want! It! ALL!”

A Vengeful Plot in the Making

“You got it, Bobby!” Ashton agreed as he nodded. And he got up and walked toward the door.

“Oh, and Ashton,” Bobby called.

Ashton stopped and turned around.


“See what you can find on Raina Hubbard Carrier too- just for good measure. In fact, I want you to find out who Brielle’s friends are,” the sheriff added.

“I’ll get right on it.”

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