Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds II C4.4

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Inside the vehicle, Raina stared at Brielle in amazement.

“What the hell?” she gasped.

Suddenly, the two women heard loud pops, like firecrackers. Then, something shattered the back glass of the Escalade.

“Shit!” Brielle cried, as she reached over and grabbed Raina by the back of the neck and pushed her head down toward her lap, “Get down and stay down!” The two women then heard another cluster of loud pops. Next, it sounded like the truck was being pelted with rocks.

“Damn! What’s wrong with those people!” Raina cried, as she rose up just enough to peer around the side of her seat and see Bobby running after them and getting smaller and smaller through the broken back windshield.

“Don’t get back up yet! Just stay down!”

Brielle continued to fight for control of the vehicle as she hunkered down in her seat to avoid being hit by flying bullets, but just enough to continue her ability to see the road in front of her.

When the two women turned onto the main road, Brielle floored the gas and the vehicle sped down the two-lane highway.

A Hail of Bullets

“God! I haven’t even been here a month…and this shit!” Brielle breathed.

“Well, I have a bad feeling it’s about to get worse,” Raina said.

“What? What are you saying?” Brielle asked suspiciously.

“Bobby’s now the sheriff, Brielle.”


“He’s the sheriff of Glover County!”

“Oh, that’s just great!”

“And Rita is his wife!”

“Awww, even better!” Brielle said in a sarcastic cheer.

Suddenly, the two women heard the distant sound of sirens from behind. Brielle looked in her rear-view mirror to see a cop car with it’s blue lights flashing, getting bigger and bigger in the window. Raina looked around the back of her seat.

“Speak of the devil!”

“Damn it!” Brielle shouted.

“What are you going to do?”

“Well, if I run, I look guilty of something. If I stop, I’m still guilty because I stood up to the wrong people,” Brielle said.

Raina shook her head and clicked her tongue before speaking.

“Tsk. Only in Thomasville,” she cracked.

The Crime of Self-Defense

Suddenly, another cruiser pulled in front of them and the blue lights came on. Brielle and Raina screamed as Brielle slammed on her breaks and squealed to an abrupt stop, just inches away from the county police vehicle. A deputy grabbed his rifle and jumped out of the vehicle. He aimed the weapon at the two women in the Escalade in front of him.

“Lemme see your hands! Now! Get ‘em up! UP!”

Brielle and Raina put their hands up. The pursuing officer pulled in behind the Escalade and got out, aiming his gun.

“Get out of the car! Now!” he screamed.

Brielle and Raina opened their doors with one hand and kept the other hand high in the air.

“Slowly!” the first deputy ordered.

The two women slowly got out of the truck. By this time, two more cruisers pulled out and the uniformed occupants got out. One deputy grabbed each woman and drag her to the hood of the truck.

“Put your hands on the hood of the vehicle.” Brielle and Raina did as they were told. The deputies patted the two women down, cuffed them, then placed them in the back of one of the vehicles.

“That was self-defense, and you know it!” Brielle growled.

“Maybe. But who’s gonna prove it? You?” one of the deputies said in a smug tone.

“You never know. I’d tread carefully if I were you,” Raina shot back before the deputy slammed the car door in her face…

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