Why Should You Care About Pleasing Bullies?

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Most bullies, unless they’re your boss or any member of authority, have no bearing on our lives. So, why should we care what they think? Why? Remember that your bullies hate you. Therefore, nothing you do, good or bad, will ever be right by them. In their minds, you are inherently bad because you are you. So, why do you care what they think?

Anytime you care what your bullies think, you give away your power. Once you begin conforming and twisting yourself into a pretzel to get them to accept you, they become your masters. You, in a sense, give your bullies undue value. In other words, you give your bullies value they never deserved and more so, haven’t earned!

Undue Value and Worth


Basic human value is one thing. Every human being on earth in entitled to basic human value. However, anything above that, they must earn. It’s not freely given and never should be.

Never give your bullies anything they haven’t earned from you. And that includes your respect, your time, your friendship, and your consideration.

In short, never give anyone anything that isn’t reciprocated. For instance, if you’re polite to someone and they take that for weakness and treat you like dirt, then you should drop this person like a bad habit!

You don’t have to treat them like crap, but you don’t have to have anymore to do with them either. Again, you shouldn’t care about trying to please people who judge you and who hate you, because it’s a waste of time.

They Must Earn It!

Here’s something else: Anytime you get upset or angry when people insult you or have an unfavorable opinion of you, it means you unconsciously value their opinions. It means that what they think means something to you.

So, stop trying to seek approval from these people. Cease trying to be friends with them. Stop wasting so much for your precious energy on people who aren’t worth your consideration.

Remember, they hate you. And to bend over backwards trying to prove yourself to them and get their approval is a waste of your time and energy. They’re just aren’t worth it.

With knowledge comes empowerment!

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