Townies, Cronies and Hayseeds II C3.7

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When Brielle arrived at the house the next day, Petunia Early, one of the realtors, was waiting in her car, parked in the driveway. Brielle had hired two independent inspectors to inspect the house after her first contact with the real estate company. Now that she knew that there were no cracks in the foundation and other issues with the house, Brielle was ready to tour the house.

When Brielle pulled up, Petunia got out of her car and the two women shook hands. Brielle recognized her immediately, she was formerly Petunia Iverson, one of her old classmates from high school.

Brielle had remembered her to be a passive-aggressive bully and had had many catfights with her. She wondered if Petunia had recognized her because it had been many years since she’d last seen her and Brielle’s appearance had changed over the years. Instead of the toothpick-skinny, dark haired, eyeglasses-wearing, geeky look she’d sported back in high school, Brielle was now a blonde who wore contact lenses and had an hourglass-shaped figure.

“Are you ready to go look inside?” Petunia asked excitedly.

“Absolutely.” Brielle answered.

Great Prospects

The house was a one story, light greyish-green, ranch-style home with a large front porch and huge picture window. It was a lovely-looking home that looked spacious and cozy. The house had a chimney, so Brielle knew it had a fireplace and she loved fireplaces.

The house also had a huge front and back yard with a shop in the back. It also had lots of trees and a white picket fence lined the property line of the three-acre estate. There were granny smith apple trees and plum trees in the back yard. There was a huge oak tree in the center of the backyard. There were also pecan trees. One of the pecan trees had an old tire swing tied to one of its huge branches. There was more than enough yard for the kids to play in.

Farther up the driveway stood a garage that was separate from the house and a cobblestone walkway that led from the garage to the side door of the house.

So far, Brielle loved what she saw outside. The two women walked up four cement steps to the porch. Petunia took the key, unlocked the door, and led Brielle inside the house.

A Home of Her Very Own

Brielle walked inside to see a specious living room and kitchen which were only separated by a long counter. The kitchen was big enough to be an eat-in kitchen and had a breakfast nook. She slowly made her way into the kitchen and looked at the appliances, opening the doors to each.

Petunia spoke up.

“As you can see, you have brand-new, stainless-steel appliances. A double-door refrigerator with icemaker. A dishwasher, stove, and built-in double oven. All are self-cleaning.” She informed Brielle.

Light beige carpet provided plushy softness to the living room floor and the kitchen had beautifully tiled floors. There was plenty of cabinet space, a pantry in the kitchen, and a door on the east wall of the kitchen led to a nice-sized washroom, complete with shelves and cabinets.

Once the two women were finished looking at the living room and kitchen, they went into a cozy-looking den where Brielle got to look at the fireplace and hearth. She loved what she saw.

Liking What She Sees

Once they were done viewing the den, Petunia led Brielle back through the living room, then down the hall. At the end of the hall was a door and when Petunia opened it, she led Brielle into the master suite, which included a large master bedroom, spacious master bath, and walk-in closet.

The bedroom was painted a light grey with white trim and ceiling. It had plenty of windows to let in plenty of sunlight and a set of French doors that led out onto a small deck.

When the ladies left the master suite, they went back into the hall and opened the next door. It was another bedroom not much smaller than the master bedroom but smaller, nevertheless. Brielle got to see the other two rooms which were smaller than the previous bedrooms they’d toured. They then checked out the second bathroom across the hall, which also had plenty of space but was smaller than the master bath.

Next, Petunia led Brielle back through the kitchen and back door and outside onto the back patio. They walked across the back yard to the shop and Brielle looked at the inside. The shop was big enough to park two cars inside and there were plenty of shelves and a fluorescent light overhead.

Ready to Make a Deal

Brielle turned and looked at Petunia.

“What did you say the asking price is?” She asked with a smile.

“Three fifty plus closing costs.” Petunia answered.

“I like it.”

“Great! Let’s go back to the office and we’ll hatch a deal for you.”

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  1. Max says:

    Really compelling stuff. You have a good eye for detail but just a friendly tip, work on your punctuation with quotes and things.

    • cheriewhite says:

      Thank you for your critique. As you know, this is not the final product, it’s only the second draft. I typically go through many drafts before finally completing and publishing. Again, thanks for the tips.

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