Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds C3.3

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Silhouettes of hands are breaking chain. Freedom concept.

After another two-days of driving and spending the night in hotels, Brielle and her brood finally arrived at her grandmother’s house in Tennessee. It was Saturday morning and Bill would not be getting back home until later in the evening. Several kids were playing in the yard when the family pulled up. And there were lots of chickens running around, pecking and scratching.

Brielle and the kids got out of the car. Bandit barked as he jumped from the vehicle and ran around the yard, sniffing the grass for a good spot. The kids ran up to Bandit and began petting him. Bandit sniffed the kids then stood there and let them pet his fur.

Brielle’s grandmother came outside and placed her arm around her. Brielle’s brothers and cousins also came piling out of the house with their wives.

“You’ve just had a long drive, so you and the girls go on in and rest. We’ll unload your truck and bring your stuff in for you. Now, the movers got here a few hours ago and unloaded your recliner and other stuff. I had them put it all in the shop behind the house.” Grandma Bennet told her.

Grandma’s House

“Thank you, grandma. How’s Mom?” Brielle asked.

“She and your daddy went on their second honeymoon. They won’t be back until next week.”

“Right. I knew their anniversary was coming up and they would be out of town. I didn’t call them and let them know I was coming because I didn’t want to put a damper on their plans.” Brielle said.

“Nonsense! You should’ve called them, Brielle! They would’ve helped you.” Grandma Bennett scolded her.

“I know but I didn’t want to bother them right now.”

“Honey, you’re not a bother, I promise. Now get inside and go lie down a while if you’re tired.” Grandma Bennett said before she squeezed Brielle tight and gave her a kiss on her cheek. Brielle then gave hugs to each of her three brothers and three cousins.

“Oh, it’s so good to see you, baby sister!” Jesse, Brielle’s oldest brother gushed as they hugged each other tight, “I was hoping you’d come back home someday. But I understand why you left.”

“Thank you, Jesse. You’ve always been my protective big brother and I love you for it!” Brielle said sweetly.

“I love you too, Little Sis!”

Brielle came to Joey, her second oldest brother and Joey spread his arms out to hug her.

Reuniting with Family

“I’m so glad to see you, Sugar! It’s been too long!” He said lovingly as he embraced his sister, “So, are you here to visit or…”

“I’m here for good, Joey. I’m not going back to California. I left Bill and I’m going to divorce him.” Brielle told him.

Brielle’s cousin Tim spoke up.

“Good! ‘Cause I never liked that fool anyway.” Tim remarked.

Brielle then hugged her youngest older brother Paul, then each of her cousins.

“I didn’t like Bill either.” Grandma Bennett added, “There’s always been something off about him. He just gave me a suspicious vibe, Brielle.”

“I understand, Grandma. And I don’t blame you. I’m home for good this time. I’m not going back.” Brielle assured her, “I just want to spend time with my family.”

“Well, we’re so glad you’re home, honey! And we’ll help you anyway we can.” Grandma Bennett said in her loving, grandmotherly tone.

She turned to Brielle’s three brothers Joey, Jesse, and Paul and cousins, Tim, James, and Jerome.

The Love and Support of Family

“Boys, let’s get Bri’s and the girls’ things in the house.”

“Yes, ma’am!” Jesse said excitedly as they all opened the hatchback of the Escalade and went to work,unloading the bags and suitcases.

That night, Grandma Bennett cooked a large supper of two rotisserie whole chickens, mashed potatoes, blackeye peas, greens, and cornbread.

“Wash your hands for supper, everyone!” she called as Brielle led the girls into the bathroom. After everyone had washed their hands, Brielle’s three brothers, three cousins, and two oldest daughters all sat down at the long table in the dining room as Brielle helped Grandma Bennett set the table. Next, Brielle lifted the baby out of her play pin, then prepared her baby food. She then sat down with the baby in her lap and spoon fed the child while everyone else ate.

“So, how was your trip, Brielle?” Grandma Bennett asked.

“Exhausting. I think the girls and I are going to sleep good tonight.” Brielle replied.

“Well, I’ve got your bed ready in the quest room. The girls can sleep in the second guest room upstairs. The boys will be leaving to go home after supper.”

“Thank you so much, Grandma. You don’t know how much I appreciate this.” Brielle told her.

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