Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds II C3

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Chapter 3
The Escape Home

The next day at 8:15, Brielle and the girls watched as Ms. Geneva got into her Mercedes Benz and pulled out of the driveway to go to her weekly Bingo game. She always left early to go have breakfast before her bingo game.

“There, she goes, Mom. She never misses a game of Bingo, does she?” Jane remarked while slightly opening the blinds and peering out the window.

“Perfect!” Brielle said with a smile, “C’mon, girls. Get everything we’re taking to the living room in front of the door, so when the movers arrive, they’ll be able to load everything quickly and we can get out of here before Ms. Nosy Britches gets back. In the meantime, I’ll take the baby and run to the bank. Be sure and keep all the doors locked until I return.

After Karen arrived to watch the kids, Brielle grabbed her purse, phone, and keys, then left. She had never told Bill she had her own bank account. When Brielle had married Bill, she had remembered her mother’s advice. “Even if you’re married, it’s always best to have a secret bank account just in case the shit hits the fan, and you have to bail out.” She had never forgotten it.

A Sneaky Hustle Plan

Therefore, unbeknownst to Bill, Brielle had worked two nights per week at the strip club while he was on his business trips until recently. And Bill had been gone mostly on the weekends. Taking the girls to Karen’s allowed Brielle to work, making about five to seven-hundred dollars a night, one to two hundred to pay Karen, and the rest to stash away in her private bank account. And after having secretly worked for the last ten years, except for the months during her pregnancies, she had saved quiet a bit of money- close to five-hundred thousand dollars to be exact.

Because her husband paid all the bills, including her cell phone, Brielle was able to save and save big. And she was able to plan her escape years in advance. Also, she had money in an old bank account from when she was single and worked fulltime, which was a stash of about twenty-three thousand.

After closing both of her bank accounts and being handed her money in the form of cashier’s checks, Brielle went to the phone company and bought new smartphones and data plans for herself, Jane, and Olivia. She could not take a chance on Bill having someone track the phone. The old phone was already in Bill’s name, which meant he would get the bill, see all the numbers of her incoming and outgoing calls and any text messages. So, who was to say that he could not get her locations too?

Getting the Ducks in a Row

Brielle returned home just before ten o’clock and as the movers were arriving. The movers pulled into the driveway as Brielle was taking the baby out of her safety seat.

After the movers loaded up the huge box truck, Brielle paid them half and would pay the other half once the movers got her belongings safely to her grandmother’s house in Tennessee. Because the movers would have to take the items across the country, the moving was awfully expensive.

Her best friend Karen stretched out her arms and Brielle embraced her. The two besties hugged each other tightly.

“I’m going to miss you all so much,” Karen told her, “But I understand why you have to leave. You deserve to be happy, Brielle. And I want you and these girls to be happy even if it’s in Tennessee. Please be careful. And call me when you get there so that I know you all are safe.”

“I sure will, sweetie. I’m going to miss you too.”

Karen’s fifteen-year-old son, Ryker, hugged Jane. Her twelve-year-old son, James, hugged Olivia.

“I guess this is it,” Ryker told Jane.

“Yeah. I’m really going to miss you,” Jane said in a low voice.

The sadness of Leaving Friends Behind

“Yeah, me too. Have a great trip. And call me,” Ryker chirped.

“I will. You have my new number. Right?” Jane asked.

Ryker dug a folded piece of paper out of his pocket.

“Right here.” He assured.

“Program it into your phone. You’ll easily lose that paper if you don’t.” Jane warned.

Ryker unfolded the paper, took out his smartphone, and did as Jane suggested.

“Got it!” He chirped.

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