0 thoughts on “Be You, Be “Youtiful”

  1. Matt The Happy Human says:

    Youth is a state of mind.

    Thankfully experience gives me the knowledge and wisdom to find workarounds for the occasional physical faults.

    I feel young. Even when my body feels old.

    I think I’m happy with the blend if body and mind.

    Have a good one Cherie 👍🏻

    • cheriewhite says:

      Thank you so much, Matt! 😊 Just to give you a heads up, I will be transitioning to a self-hosted site this afternoon. I’ll make sure there’s a way to redirect everyone to the new site. It may take a few days, but I’ll definitely get the site up and running and let everyone know.

  2. Ellie Thompson says:

    Perfectly said, Cherie. In my mind, I feel ages younger than I am, although I don’t consider myself as ‘old’ by any stretch of the imagination. I just wish my body would catch my mind up sometimes 😊!

    I also just wanted to wish you so much luck in your new venture into your travels into you new self-hosted website. I’m sure all your readers will happily follow you there. I certainly will and am very much looking forward to witnessing your new world. I’ll look out for the link to transfer over when you publish it. Loads of luck, my friend xx 💜💐❤💛🌹💙

    • cheriewhite says:

      Hahaha! Don’t we all! 😁😁😁 I’m in the same boat! In my mind, I feel way younger, but my body says, “Not so fast!” 😜 Thank you so much for your kind words, sweetie! They mean more than you know. I’m out running a few errands and will definitely get to work on the new site in a couple hours after I’m home. I need the desktop to get this done! And I’ll try to fix it to where you’ll be redirected to the new site! 💖💐🌹🦋🌞

  3. Kym Gordon Moore says:

    Good morning my YOUtiful friend. 🌞 What a refreshing reminder. Thanks so much for sharing your YOUtifulness with us my dear DJ CW! 🙏🏼 YOU know what you have to do now right? Have a FANtabulous day you YOUtiful YOU! Hugs and smooches! 😘💖🥰💋😍🤗🌺🤩🥂

    • cheriewhite says:

      Oh I love this- “…you YOUtiful you!” Now that gave me a few pleasurable chuckles! 😁😂 Kind and funny is a wonderful combo, dahhh-ling! You have FANtabulous day too! 🌞🦋🌹Hugs and smooches claimed, received, and coming back atcha! 🤗😘💋🤗😘💋🤗😘💋

  4. Simone E says:

    Love this! Such a powerful message. Within the beauty we need to find ourselves and all the beauty inside of us.
    I appreciate this message 😊

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