Poem About Girls and Women Victimized and Made Voiceless by Current Culture

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“But I’m a woman,” he claims just before sauntering into the girl’s bathroom,

As I stand in the mirror to refresh my lip gloss, over and behind me, he’ll loom,

Then he’ll grab me, forcibly placing his hand over my mouth to stifle my scream,

This can’t be, I can’t believe this is happening because it seems like a bad dream,

He aggressively drags me kicking into the bathroom stall as I try to struggle free,

He’s too strong, his crushing grip too tight, he has overwhelming power over me,

Dressed like a woman but with the strength of a man, he wrestles me to the floor,

Shame on me, ‘should’ve been more alert, I never saw him come through the door,

He rips open my blouse and fiercely raises my skirt, my body he greedily plunders,

He steals my innocence and strips me of dignity and my most precious wonders,

He’s a thief of a different kind- money, jewelry, material things you can easily replace,

But what he takes from me is something I can never get back, this is so hard to face,

A man dressed in drag with his toothy grin in my face as my virginity he robs,

Lord, Jesus, how many more girls have to end up like me before the insanity stops,

With his hand over my mouth only the tears that flood my eyes can be my outlet,

This can’t be legal but surely someone in power is willing to throw down the gauntlet

As he finishes and stands up I feel robbed, violated, defiled, dirty, tainted, and gross

I’ll never be the same, I’m forever changed, I’m now rotten inside like a withered rose

New laws have emboldened this man and identity politics is the lie of all lies,

But those in power won’t care but only shame me for my tearful cries,

My voice unheard and story untold as society forces me to be quiet about the violence

Lest I risk being labeled trans-phobic I must remain voiceless as I suffer in silence,

In the eyes of society my story is hate speech and if I speak I’ll only be cancelled,

But how long, I ask, how long will we continue to allow our rights to be trampled,

Society says the rights of people who identify as the opposite sex should never end,

But as a girl made victim by of one of these people, where do my rights begin,

The flashbacks, nightmares and feelings of worthlessness will never let me be

Because I was made an easier target by laws and laws are supposed to protect me

To all the women and girls who’ve been in situations like this, lawmakers may not give a thought to what you’ve endured, but know this, we see you, we hear you, and we care!

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  1. Kym Gordon Moore says:

    WOW…anger…sadness…a blatant disregard for human life. 🀬 I don’t care what a person wants to identify themselves as, if you are a heartless perpetrator who ruthlessly assaults someone, male or female, in such a vile way, your ass need to be locked up if you aren’t killed first. SMH 🀨😑😠

    • cheriewhite says:

      Absolutely, Kym! I love your comment, sweetie. πŸ’–πŸŒΊπŸŒΉ

      To make sure no one gets the wrong idea (and a few have already), I’m not saying that we should mistreat transgenders because we shouldn’t. They have the right to live how they want and not all transgenders are bad. However, when a few bad apples use transgenderism to assault biological women and current culture tries to silence them when they’ve been hurt by one of those bad apples, to try and keep up a narrative, it isn’t right at all. That’s the point of this poem. People should realize that there are good and bad in every group, race, gender, etc, and they should never try to sweep these cases under the rug to elevate these groups over others.

      No matter what group a person comes from, whether they come from a protected group or not, if they do the crime, they should be exposed and made to do the time. They should punish the individual.

      Again, thank you so much for your lovely comments, sweetie! I love it because you’re authentic with everything you say! πŸ’–πŸŒΊπŸŒΉ

  2. CareTrain says:

    This is definitely a heart wrenching poem but I have to say this. I am tired of this narrative that basically claims from far right extremist that all of these people are some kind of threat to others. Do I get the transgender lifestyle or for that matter understand the homosexual lifestyle? No, I personally don’t. BUT! Do people have a right to live their life being who they want to be whether you or I agree or like it? Absolutely they do. And before I make my comments I am not attacking or defending either gender but I try to be fair to both sides.

    Yes, what may have occurred in this poem has certainly happened before but it is the exception to the rule. Most people are not like this and frankly the odds of being raped is greater walking to your car at Walmart than in a public restroom. And let’s stop genderizing the issues. Boys and men have been overpowered and raped by gangs, an individual, etc too. That is never talked about but what far too often place things strictly on gender. Not all men are stronger than all women yet we act like that is always the case. In general men are stronger, but an individual woman can be stronger than an individual man. That is never discussed. Men get abused too (Case and point the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard case). Abuse against women is horrible, abuse against men is horrible. Racism is also horrible. Sexism is also horrible. Assuming all transgender and gay people are some kind of threat to harm others isn’t exactly fair.

    I love your posts girl but this one is a little too much political ideaology for my taste. And when we invoke politics into issues like sexism, prejudice, bullying then it destroys the cause and discredits those who are legitimately trying to help. Just my two cents.

    • cheriewhite says:

      “Do people have a right to live their life being who they want to be whether you or I agree or like it?” I agree. And I have mentioned in other posts on the subject that not all transgenders are bad people and that we should never mistreat them. However, it’s the making the transgender movement into laws and forcing it on others that isn’t fair. It’s also the silencing of females who have been harmed by bad apples in the transgender group that’s bad. I don’t judge them because, like you said, not all of them are rapists and criminals. But when you trivialize something that these woman have gone through to maintain a narrative or appease certain groups, THAT is what’s wrong.

      And that is the point I make in this poem.

      • RespectAll44 says:

        Let me respond to this and sorry for butting in but a good discussion here. This poem really strings at my heart and it does give rapists another avenue and not just with girls but with boys too as a boy could think the person is a motherly type and they end up being someone in a wig!

        But I do think there is another factor going on here. We talk Cancel Culture but both sides extreme right and left are equally doing it. The voice of someone like this woman is being cancelled but so is the alternative lifestyle voice. The difference is most of us contradict ourselves because if we agree with a position we want it to be heard but if we hate the position we want it to be cancelled.

        To be frank, I don’t read this blog as much as I used to despite having tremendous respect for Cherie. I just feel like when the blogs get political (and a few do but hey it’s Cherie’s blog) both sides are not considered. I know Cherie ( no disrespect to you) says she is independent (I am too) but every political oriented blog is abn attack on the left. I have no problem with this being a Conservative Blog but it needs to be identified as such.

        Back to the original post about it, I just think so much outrage is politically driven by both side’s narrative and I think we are either male or female so we need a bathroom for each for a variety of reasons but in fairness we are goomg nuts over a population that is only around 1 percent. We have bigger fishes to fry. Just my two cents.

        • cheriewhite says:

          Great points here! πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’― “The difference is most of us contradict ourselves because if we agree with a position we want it to be heard but if we hate the position we want it to be cancelled.” This is absolutely the best line right here.

          Everyone should have an equal say, whether we agree with them or not. And I’m all for this. Cancel culture, no matter what side deals it, is wrong. I always approve and like comments from everyone no matter what. I might not agree with them but I believe in free speech and everyone, even the people who don’t share our beliefs, have a right to be heard (or read, in this case!)

          And sadly, bullying and politics do go hand in hand, although I don’t post stuff like this very often. There’s office politics, school politics, student politics, etc. As much as we hate it, and I do not like politics one bit, unfortunately it’s all around us. And it determines who is bullied out and who is favored. It’s sad, really. πŸ˜’πŸ’”πŸ˜’πŸ’”

          Again, I give everyone a chance to comment unless they get abusive and start trolling, then all bets are off. However, I’ve had some pretty healthy debates on here and I love that most of us in the blogosphere can agree to disagree. Sending love to all!

    • cheriewhite says:

      Thank you so much, Dawn! This means a lot! πŸ’–πŸŒΊπŸŒΉI made a few people angry when I posted it and one all but accused me of lumping all transgenders into one bad group. I did no such thing. Like any other group there are good ones and bad ones. My point in this poem was that the current identity politics and transgenderism provides another avenue for rapists and perverts to victimize women and girls. And I’m thoroughly sick of people taking this out of context because I think they do it deliberately to discredit. With that said, I don’t care what other people think. I’m going to keep exposing truth about bullies and about the BIG bullies in government. Again, thank you so much for your ongoing love and support! πŸ’–πŸŒΊπŸŒΉπŸŒžπŸŒ»

    • cheriewhite says:

      And, by the way, I have another blog entitled “The Citizen’s View” and I will begin posting again on it soon. You’ll probably see it in Reader. It’s geared toward politics and the current downfall of our society. In short, it’s a blog for posting truth. I’ll let you know when I post in it.

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