I Love You, Mom! Happy Mother’s Day to all You Moms!

To all my readers and blogger friends who are moms, this is your day and I wish you all a very happy mother’s day.

I would also like to thank the most amazing lady in my life, my mother. Up or down, thin or flush, she has stood by me and saved me from so many terrible things.

During my teen years, I made so many poor choices that when I look back today, I am truly surprised I’m still alive to talk about it and have no doubt it’s all because of her. I can only imagine the nights she sat up crying and praying for me back then. Although I did not appreciate her efforts back then and even snubbed them, my heart overflows with love and gratitude for my mom today.

I’ve got to tell you…it totally amazes me how she carried us through after Daddy left. She worked her fingers to the bone to make sure we had everything we needed and there wasn’t a Christmas nor birthday when we didn’t get exactly what we wished for. Even more amazing was that she was so savvy with money that she managed everything on her own with no child support, no handouts, no government assistance…nothing but hard work!

Mama carried such a heavy load. I remember the many evenings she would come home tired and worn from a hard day’s work, only to cook dinner and keep a good home for us. She worked from sun-up to sundown and as much as we wanted to help her out, she wouldn’t let us, preferring for us to use our time to study instead.

She worked long hours at a difficult job, cooked, cleaned, did laundry, yard-work…even fixed things around the house, the lawn mower and changed a tire on the side of the road when we had a flat on the way to school one morning. The many things she did were consider a man’s work. On top of all that were countless doctor’s and dentist’s appointments, Girl Scout meetings, trips to Grandma’s and family get-togethers. She did a job for both parents!

When I was seventeen years old, I made the decision that I was done with school and I was dropping out. Being exhausted from the daily bullying I had long endured, it was the only thing I felt I could do to preserve my sanity.
Although I knew that my mother would emphatically object to such a decision, I mustered up the courage to tell her during supper. I simply told her “I’m not going back.”

“What???” She asked, raising her voice.
“I’m not going back. I quit.” I told her.
“Like hell you’re not!” She objected.
I just shook my head.
“I’m not going, Mom! And that’s that!” I insisted.
“Oh, yes you are! You’ll go to school if I have to drag you there, kicking and screaming! You are NOT going to let them cause you to be some dumb dropout! I won’t allow it!” She demanded.

My mother and I bickered about it throughout the entire evening until I finally agreed to go.

Today, I thank my mother for holding firm. No matter what I threw at her, she didn’t back down and kept me from doing something, which could have had negatively affected my future. Because of her resolve, I went on to graduate and continue to an eventual college degree. I could never have done it without Mom. Although we had a turbulent relationship during those years, I now sing her praises every chance I get. I have nothing but honor and respect for her.

No matter how many disagreements we may have, nor how much we may fuss, I will always love her and be there for her, just as she has always been and always will be for me.

Mom, words can’t express how truly grateful I am for your patience and resilience. I’m who I am today because of you. Know that you are truly special in the eyes of not only your children, but so many others. Words nor actions can never tell you how much I love you! I could never be half the woman you are!

“Her children rise up and call her blessed” Proverbs 31:28

0 thoughts on “I Love You, Mom! Happy Mother’s Day to all You Moms!

  1. Ellie Thompson says:

    Happy Mother’s Day, Cherie. Your Mum sounds like an amazing woman. I can understand why you are so grateful to her. And what a fantastic role model too. She must be so proud to see you now as the kind, caring, intelligent woman that you are. I think it’s common to have a sticky patch in our relationships with our mothers as we grow up, but as we get a bit older, we can see everything they’ve done for us in our lives. Where would we have been without them? I know I feel that way about my Mum, too, even though she’s not here with me anymore. Have a wonderful day, Cherie 💜💟💙💐

    • cheriewhite says:

      Thank you so much, Ellie! This means so much! 💖🌺🌷And I’m so sorry for the loss of your sweet mother, I know you miss her so much. Know that you’re in my thoughts and prayers! 🙏❤

  2. wetanddustyroads says:

    I am not a mom, but (like you), I have an amazing mom … today I’m thankful to celebrate this day with her – an amazing super woman with the softest and caring heart I have ever know!

  3. Kym Gordon Moore says:

    🌺🦋🌹 Oh what a beautiful tribute of the memories you share with your mother Cherie. 🙏🏼 It’s as they say, a woman’s job is never done. Your dear mother is truly an amazing woman. You are so blessed to share your love and appreciation with her today. Always tender, loving and nurturing. Evidently you take after her ladybug! 🐞😊🤩 Enjoy your precious day my friend. Allow yourself to relax and step away from the computer for a while. 🖥 You earned it my friend! 😍💋😘💖🍹

    • cheriewhite says:

      Awww! Thank you so much, Kym! 💖🌺🌷My mother is definitely amazing and I couldn’t be half the woman she is. I cherish her! You’ve told me a lot about you mother as well and she sounds so much like mine. I wish I could’ve had the chance to meet her. I know that your mom was amazing too. So, with that said, I wish you mom a very happy mother’s day in Heaven. I have no doubt that she’s looking down and smiling on you, proud of the little girl she raised and followed in her footsteps- proud of the amazing lady, writer, and poetess you’ve because. 💖🌺🌷🦋 Sending you truckloads of love! 💖💞💖💞💕

  4. notestowomen says:

    Great tribute to your Mom, Cherie. Praise God for mothers. Mine passed away in 2019 but she lives on in our memories. I hope you had a happy Mother’s Day too.

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