0 thoughts on “Real Talk!

      • Devang Upadhyaya says:

        Happened with me a lot…
        I’m not saying that the person I’m referring to is toxic, she was very sweet.
        But sometimes when I felt anger or frustration over anything, she turn it back on me and make me feel guilty. In the end I feel like I was wrong. I know this isn’t very healthy, and it makes me sad from the inside.

          • Devang Upadhyaya says:

            Well she was my bestie!
            I mean, I used to get upset about something.
            But now as our conversation are very very limited, I contemplated on this a lot. I realised, I wasn’t wrong to express my emotions. I mean, we open up with people we love/trust, but then these feelings were disregarded and my emotions were ignored. I was calling immature and childish

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