Reasons Bullies Need Targets

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They want you to think that you need them! You don’t. In fact, it’s just the opposite. They need you! Let me explain further:

Bullies need targets as guinea pigs on which, to demonstrate their perceived power and might.

They need victims to feel better about themselves.

Bullies need targets to blame their stupidity and bad behavior on.

Bullies need victims to scapegoat and to be a dumping ground for all their problems and shortcomings.

If you’re a target, Your bullies need you as a shield to cover their own cowardice.

They need you to entertain and get laughs from their audiences.

And they need you to look cool and in control in front of everyone else.

Understand that bullies need you more than you will ever need them!

With knowledge comes empowerment!

0 thoughts on “Reasons Bullies Need Targets

  1. Dr. Digital Philosophy says:

    I’ve noticed this myself, where my puppy dog will get upset and take out her conflict on the other dog. I immediately recognize this behavior and rectify it as much as I can, highlighting the harm she is doing and making sure she understands that bullying is bad! 👎
    The sad part of this is that people often use this harmful form of ratification to make themselves feel better while hurting the receiver, to the point they no longer understand why such hurt is caused.
    Humans may have evolved but yet we cannot accept our own insecurities and negative traits to such a point, where we take it out on someone else who doesn’t deserve it at all. It is toxic and will leave more damage than we can begin to understand. This is how such toxic behavior gains momentum, as the affected can take on these traits and exploit it causing further damage.
    Excellent insight into a topic that needs to be addressed more today and not left to the receiver to overcome; since it will surely continue on if it isn’t overcome.
    Thanks for sharing 👍 I appreciate your support and always stood up for people being bullied but in contrast; it would be difficult to do if a crowd took on such toxicity towards exploitation and control.

    • cheriewhite says:

      Thank you so much! And you’re right. Aminals do the same thing but humans are supposed to be taught better. Sadly, humans are getting more primal these days. And nowadays, we’re living in dark times. If we don’t get a handle on it soon, I’m afraid that things will escalate to the point to where all it will take to be murdered is to have someone not like you. It’s scary! And bullies have killed their targets. 😢

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