I Always Like to Reciprocate My Bloggers and Readers

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Anyone who knows me knows that I like to reciprocate the love and support of fellow bloggers by reading their posts, liking and following them. I love to engage amd socialize with them. However,  whenever I get a like, comment, or follow from a new blogger and I go to their site looking forward to goodies to read and respond to, this is what I often run into.

I hit a brick wall. I’ll even go to my search engine and enter the url and still, no luck with Google or Firefox.

So, if you’re a new follower or a blogger I’m just meeting for the first time and you don’t hear from me, know that it wasn’t because I ignored you. It’s because I couldn’t find you.

I’m so thankful for every blogger who has crossed my path. I’ve made many wonderful friends during my blogging journey. Know that I love you all and I appreciate you. ❤



0 thoughts on “I Always Like to Reciprocate My Bloggers and Readers

  1. lily says:

    Very thoughtful. Thank you for sharing. If by chance this happened with me in the past is because I didn’t renew my domain and settled back into the original wordpress.com extension. Have a wonderful weekend! : )

  2. tsepoimpactor says:

    You are one of those who keep us motivated about blogging because you always respond positively to every post and comment which shows how dedicated you are to WordPress blogging I mean you have family and stuff to do but you always make time and keep consistency therefore Cherie we also love and appreciate you good friend. Which country are you based?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Cherry. That happens to me a lot, too. It then says: “This page cannot be found”. That is strange. Kind regards from Germany.

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