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“Reclaim your belonging, first by reconnecting with your soul- and then by loving your world from that powerful inner center of love, sovereignty, and wholeness.”

~ Hiro Boya ~


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  1. euroktoo says:

    I am off to bed with a much lighter heart, Cherie! Namaste! Teaching is my belonging, my heart, my soul, my raison d’être- my everything. It is who I am and I am proud that I am a teacher- in every regard-personally as well as professionally. This evening I got great clarity via your definition from your April 2016 post of what a bully is and am not about to let some jealousies of some get the better of me. I am not meant to be squashed! I am meant to soar! This ambush may have sideswiped me temporarily, but I will rise up again! Yes, I will! Thank you- perfect quote to end my day!

  2. minametry84 says:

    Cherie, let me say that you are a very perfect blogger, you are choosing wonderful images which are very expressive about your words written here. I can not imagine a day to pass without reading a blog to you

  3. bernard25 says:


    Chaque jour, il faut prendre le temps
    De regarder et écouter les autres

    Il faut oublier notre petit “moi”

    La vie est faite de bons moments
    Qui nous arrive à chaque instant

    Remercions la journée qui vient de s’écouler
    Que celle qui arrive soit encore plus belle

    Profitons de la nature elle est remplie de merveilles,
    de chaque instant présent

    Je vous souhaite une belle journée de bonheur
    Bise Bernard

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