The Absence of a Loved One During the Christmas Season

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Merry Christmas everyone. I’d like you all to pray for one of my special blogger friends, who’s wife is in the hospital and whose children are masking much pain due to their mother not being home for the holidays. Out of respect for the family’s privacy, I won’t drop any names but God knows who I speak of.

It’s hard enough to have your mom in the hospital on a normal day, but during the holidays makes it even more painful. So, again, please pray for a great homecoming and for the family to be together again soon.

This makes me think back to 1981* and the Christmas my mother, uncle, and I spent in the hospital after a horrific car accident nearly took our lives on December 8th* of that year.

Although being in the hospital is no fun for anybody on any day, especially for a little girl during Christmas,Β  I can only imagine how the rest of my family felt not having us home with them for Christmas dinner and the exchanging of gifts to celebrate the gifts of frankensense and mirrh given to Baby Jesus by the three wise men.

This should be a reminder that there are many families missing a loved one due to sickness and hospitalization, military deployment, or death. Remember these families in your prayers this holiday season.

Also, say a prayer for the Americans, British, and others who are still stranded and held captive in Afghanistan.

God bless you all!

0 thoughts on “The Absence of a Loved One During the Christmas Season

  1. susiesopinions says:

    I pray, we’ll talk to the Lord, since Len’s passing. It was only praying before, but we are never alone. Christmas went better than I thought it would, so feel blessed for that. πŸ™β€οΈ

  2. foguth says:

    We’re praying for everyone whose lives were disrupted by the political shenanigans … and hope very much your hospitalized friend isn’t the victim of a jab… Alas, if they are, I’m praying they, and all other victims are given the treatments, like ivermectin, which will cure them, instead of being put on a ventilator, which damages lungs (apparently due to high pressure).
    Our own family was all present – either physically or virtually – for Christmas eve, but it just isn’t quite the same as having everyone in the same room.

  3. 80smetalman says:

    I will pray for them. Your post has hit home as four years ago tomorrow, my wife’s mother passed away. It wasn’t a surprise, when we visited her two weeks before, I had the feeling she hadn’t long left, though I kept that to myself. However, it will be on my wife’s mind tomorrow.

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