Writing About Bullying Keeps the Bullies Away

I have to share this great news as I believe it will help others. Now I can’t speak for other targets or survivors of bullying because each bullying experience and situation is different.

However, from my own experiences and perspective, I can say that writing and blogging about bullying, and the tactics, motives, mindsets, and dark personalities of bullies has definitely kept the bullies away.

Word of my writing, books and blog has definitely gotten around and I haven’t heard from any of those who wanted to confront me when I first started writing and I couldn’t be happier about it.

It sure looks as if my writing about bullying has protected and shielded me from these types of people because bullies don’t try to provoke me anymore. In fact, they stay way away and I can finally relax, live in peace, and flourish.

And I’ve gotten word that the bullies know that it’sin their best interests to stay away. They know that if anything were to happen to me, there will be a lot of people who would come around asking questions, and they would know who to go to.

I feel that through my writing, I finally took my life back and I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome it feels! I can finally be myself, stand in my truth, and, most importantly, be safe!

And I’m thankful not only to those who have supported me during my writing journey, but first and foremost, to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ because, without Him, none of this would even be possible!

0 thoughts on “Writing About Bullying Keeps the Bullies Away

  1. Petrina says:


    Good for you, and may God continue to empower you to glorify Him and bless others through your writing. I pray for His continued protection over you and your loved ones 💜❤

    As you know, bullies are cowards and cowards cower away from exposure.

    When bullies read any of your writing they can identify with it, but probably don’t want to be associated with it, especially not publicly.

    I think they know better than to bother you, because I have a feeling they don’t want to end up reading about themselves.

    • cheriewhite says:

      Thank you so much, Petrina. 💖💐🌹 And you’re so right. Bullies fear exposure. If my bullies try to retaliate or even react, they only implicate themselves further. 😊

  2. foguth says:

    Bullies sure do give us something to write and twitter about, but I think they also strengthen us – at least those of us who refused to surrender. You and I might be much weaker people if we hadn’t been put in situations where we needed to figure out what we were willing to put up with.

  3. Carolyn Page says:

    Yesterday I watched a Dr. Phil show. He had a fellow on who had created the persona of an agent whose mission it was to humiliate people into returning their shopping carts to the receptacles provided. My first thought was that he was just a bully. He videoed these encounters and put them on youtube. It was so lovely to see him humiliated as Dr. Phil exposed him for the bully he was. I do hope he learns his lesson.
    Well done to you!

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