“On The Beach” Flash-fiction by Cherie White (Part 7)

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“I guess we just have to wait a little longer.” Marisa resigned.

Sarah and Tess joined us.

“Surely news of the tsunami has been broadcasted everywhere by now. So, our families back home are probably worried sick about us.” Sarah said.

“Probably. It’s just too bad we have no way to get in touch with them and let them know that we’re okay.” Tess said somberly.

An islander came up and put his hand on my shoulder.

“At least we have food! The meat is done and we’re ready to eat.” He said in English but in his native accent.”

“Thank you so much. We owe you such gratitude.” I answered back as we all took turns shaking the man’s hand.  The aroma of cooked pork wafted in the air and my stomach growled like an angry tiger as my mouth watered.

We all walked over to the makeshift fire pit as a few natives carved off pieces of the newly cooked meat and placed them on huge leaves for plates. We were all famished after living on one sandwich cracker, one slimjim, one cheese snack, and about four cracker jacks each for the last few days.

We each sat on the ground, huddled together, under the two lean-tos and tore into our individual hunks of meat. We devoured it like it was the last food we would ever get to eat.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but that was the best tasting pork I’d eaten in my life. Having meat in our bellies was the best feeling after eating like birds for three days.

Suddenly, we noticed that everything around us suddenly grew bright as the clouds overhead cleared the sun and the air instantly grew about five degrees warmer. I polished off the meat, then got to my feet and walked over to the cliff.

What I saw was the most beautiful sight!

Now we could see the horizon clearly and it was lined with ships. I looked to the sky to see an entire fleet of helicopters approaching and the distant sound of rotating blades faded in.

Everyone else finished eating and joined me on the cliff as we all jumped up and cheered, grabbing each other and hugging each other tightly.

When the first of the helicopters were finally overhead, we jumped up and down and signaled them, waving huge leaves and articles of clothing in the air as we cheered delightfully!

Dedicated to those who perished during the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami

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