Bullies Need You More Than You Need Them

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It’s because bullies need scapegoats. The use of a scapegoat is nothing new. People have used them for many millennia! During the Medieval Period, scapegoats were often used by kings to make sure the monarch’s hands stayed clean- or at least looked clean.

Back then, it was common practice to execute scapegoats for the wrongdoings of kings. Blaming them, then putting them to death kept the scapegoats quiet and the kings above reproach, unquestioned, and smelling like roses. Bullies do the same today, only in different ways.

Bullying and scapegoating go hand in hand.

The purpose of scapegoating is to force another person to accept blame for sins, which you, yourself, are guilty. Sadly, the person blamed is often innocent. Even sadder is the fact that he’s usually the one least likely to fight back. The person is then punished and sacrificed.

Bullies are notorious for refusing to accept blame for any wrongdoing or mistake. So, they search for the most convenient person to lay blame on- their target. And what’s the victim going to do about it?

The ability to transfer guilt to their victims gives bullies immense power. Understand that bullies depend on appearances to maintain their fake facades of gleaming-white perfection. Well-seasoned bullies must appear to be god-like at all times.

They’re very much afraid that if they don’t keep up this pathetic charade, they’ll lose their power and with it, the foothold on their targets. What better way to maintain that power than to scapegoat the target?

“Blame so-and-so for my shortcomings by pointing out his!”

“Blame so-and-so for my imperfections by distracting others’ attention to his!”

“Blame so-and-so for my despicable behavior by claiming he did something to deserve it!”

“Blame Joe Blow for my pathetic incompetence and stupidity by saying that he caused me to screw up!”

“Blame so-and-so for any tiny thing that goes wrong, and I get to hitch a ride on his back to move up!”

A selfish man walks the heads of people as on the steps to the highest post behind the crown. Conceptual scene is a narcissistic and selfish person

“Because I’m number one, and Hell will freeze over before I give that up! And blaming so-and-so is so easy it shouldn’t work!”

I want you to realize that bullies, bystanders, and friends will scapegoat a target of bullying for one reason and one reason only: He has the least power to fight back!

Targets are often either naïve or exceptionally intelligent and pose the biggest threat to the bullies’ positions. If the victim is naïve, bullies will exploit his naivete to the fullest because they know that naïve people aren’t taken seriously. Also, the naïve tend to overdo their claims of innocence. And people often mistake it as a sign of guilt.

Intelligent targets, bullies will undermine and wear down with constant smear campaigns, exclusion, and personal attacks. Also, smart victims will often overdo being calm, and relaxed, which can also be mistaken for guilt, because people will assume that his keeping it together is only an act and that he’s hiding something.

blame point fingers

Here’s another reason bullies need targets. They need someone to make responsible for their negative feelings- feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, and hurt. And when they make the victim responsible for their bad feelings, the target becomes the offender who must be punished and eliminated.

To combat their negative emotions, bullies demand that their targets show them respect at all times- even while they’re abusing them. They also have the attitude that the victim should do whatever they tell them to do and make them feel powerful.

In short, bullies need the target to use as a dumping ground for all their mental and emotional issues.

Here’s a third reason, bullies and bystanders need a bottom rat to ensure that they themselves don’t end up on the bottom. If you’re a target of bullying, they need you to stay on the bottom and will go out of their way to keep you there. Any pecking order needs whipping boys (or girls) – easy victories for the higher-ups to collect.

If you are a target of bullying, I want you to understand that bullies consider it to be of the utmost importance that you stay on the bottom and you make them look good and like the innocent party. When they brutalize you, everything must appear as if you had it coming – that they were wronged or betrayed by your stupidity, incompetence, or evil.

If people are using you as a scapegoat, the best you can do is to get out of the environment. Just pick up and leave. Only then will you be able to preserve your dignity, your sanity, and your life.

With knowledge comes empowerment!

0 thoughts on “Bullies Need You More Than You Need Them

  1. Cynni Pixy says:

    Another one that hits home! Thanks for sharing and I, again, shared it on my blog as well… I know all about being the victim, I wish I had known more about the reasons when it was happening to me, especially during my last relationship, as I feel more and more relieved to actually be out of it. Something I would never have thought to happen as I was grieving for so long for the “love” and comfort (mostly this, I think) I lost…

    • cheriewhite says:

      Thank you so much, Cynni. You’re more than welcome to share, sweetie. And I understand your pain. But know that there will come a time when you’ll realize that you never needed the person. Abuse and bullying aren’t love. And one day, you will find the person who loves you and deserves to be with you. Wishing you lots of love and light. <3

  2. Kym Gordon Moore says:

    Preserve your dignity, sanity, and life! Oh my goodness Cherie, that resonates not only with victims of bullying, but with anyone who allows someone else to take away their joy, their peace, and who they are. 🤨 You’re absolutely right, bullies need you because they won’t beat themselves up so they have to have someone else to take their aggressions out on. 👊🏻💪🏻🤜🏻 How pathetic! 😖

    • cheriewhite says:

      You’re so right. It IS playing out on a national scale. But we are crawling out, slowly but surely. People are waking up and rising up and speaking up. Americans are standing up to this crap and it might take a while, but eventually the totalitarians are going to lose- and lose BIGLY!

  3. Ruth Muyskens says:

    This is SO TRUE. It happened to me from my coworkers and bosses (perpetrators and enablers). There are sick, selfish, insecure people out there!

    • cheriewhite says:

      You got that right, Ruth! I’m so sorry this happened to you. And I’m sorry I’m just now seeing your comment. Sometimes WP puts the wrong comments in Spam. I hope you’re doing well, sweetie. <3

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