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  1. MidnightDistortions says:

    Sorry for being slightly off topic but what happened with this guy Lawrence/Zero Lift off?

    He was telling me something that happened between you and another one of my followers but he didn’t want to show me any screen shots so I’m just curious on your side.

    Dude ended up harassing me about you and this other lady as a follower so I ended up having to block him because he refused to listen to reason and I have no clue what happened.

    • cheriewhite says:

      I don’t know him, Midnight. But I’ve had a few trolls make some pretty inflammatory comments lately and I spammed all of the bad comments. If he didn’t show you the comments then I wouldn’t take him seriously. Thank you for the heads up. I really appreciate it.

      • MidnightDistortions says:

        Well that’s interesting. I’m going to ask this other lady he mentioned too but it seems he isn’t right in the head. He may have been one of the trolls. I never knew this guy could be that way but anyway he’s been blocked. Thank you!

        • cheriewhite says:

          Turns out I do know him from way back- he was one of my followers once upon a time. And he took something completely out of context and got pretty argumentative. I ended up telling him not to come back toy blog and removing him from my followers list. Wow! I’d forgotten all about him!

          • MidnightDistortions says:

            Huh, apparently he wanted me to block you but I claimed to tell him I don’t really know you let alone why you would bother him. Sounds like he was bothering you of all things and held a grudge. His last message he was going on about how i was blind to these ladies, blah blah blah.

            I have no reason to block or unfollow someone based on someone else’s word. Strange. But I ended up blocking him, guess he shown his true colors. I don’t have time for this sort of thing but he seemed pretty adamant. I got a long with him fine up until he came at me with this fake story about how you harassed him with another lady. Well, glad I heard your side of the story! This guy sounds like bad news!

          • MidnightDistortions says:

            Yeah, well your side of the story makes more sense than him. He was claiming you were just harassing him but conveniently doesn’t give me any proof. I told him, show me the evidence and then he gets mad at me for not believing him. He does have some problems, calling you and this other lady witches and to think I even believed him, for a while but thinking about it, he didnt make any sense at all. I went with my gut instinct on this and gave you and this other lady a free pass. In my opinion people are innocent until proven guilty and there wasnt a shred of evidence. But well I guess I should thank you or meeting you and finding out the truth about this guy. There’s one less toxic person i gotta deal with!

          • cheriewhite says:

            I completely understand. Anytime you tell someone to show you proof of what they’re telling you and they get angry, that’s when you know they’re lying. Sometimes they end up giving themselves away with how they act. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for asking me about it first. Because I thought he was gone a long time ago and I had no idea he was smearing me to you.

          • MidnightDistortions says:

            Oh yeah. It made all the sense when he got angry at me that he was lying and how you have a completely different story.

            Yeah he started talking about you yesterday. He even commented on how he wasnt sure how I was because he claimed that you and this other lady was harassing him about some of my posts, it made zero sense and I couldn’t find anything to verify his story. It’s just some crazy lie to see if I’d be willing to block you and this other lady.

            Well I am glad I asked about it then. Because then you know about what he is doing. It’s weird though, I wonder if he has something against women.. I mean I got my own issues but I don’t tell wild stories about it either. The other lady though never bothered to reply so maybe she’s embarrassed by the whole situation but if I had to guess she had a similar run in with this guy. I don’t get the whole passive aggressiveness of this dude. He doesn’t even really specify what he has against you other than claiming your a witch.

            He said this other lady has a vanity issues. Might be true there but it’s not worth judging over. I really don’t know what he has against you other than that uncalled out of context argument.

            Yeah I do hope he does get help. He wouldn’t lose so many friends with his crazy thinking. I’d almost think he is a reverse leftist, claims to be a part of God but clearly does not practice Gods wishes and expects people to be a certain way. Its pettiness and really bad behavior all around.

          • MidnightDistortions says:

            I do hope he gets help. He seemed like he was an ok guy but yeah he definitely isnt playing with a full deck. On top of that it doesn’t make any sense to block some people that i have no problems with.

          • MidnightDistortions says:

            Oh I’ve been blocking electric vehicles advocates on Facebook because these people are nothing but crazy evil salesmen. But yeah I need a reason to block someone I dont do it because someone on the internet told me to.

            I do pray this guy gets the help he needs though, he seems to take a lot of things too seriously and I’m one that knows better than anyone that there is a lot of evil in this world but I don’t pick a fight with everyone either. Just the abusive people and even then I’ve toned down.

      • Greg Dennison says:

        I’ll try to keep it short. This happened during a time period in my life that I’m not planning on writing about, so it won’t give away any spoilers, although I incorporated some of this into a standalone short story I wrote once, and I might pull it into one of my continuing story blogs as if it happened at a different point in my life, although I’m not planning to now. Also, you may have heard part of this story before in other discussions about bullies of my past.

        I spent most of 2011 in a relationship with someone who, frankly, wasn’t very respectful to me. She was living her life her way on her terms, and I was invited to tag along, but she had no interest in building a relationship together or respecting the fact that I had a life too. In late spring, a couple months in, she announced that she was moving back home in August, 500 miles away, and I didn’t even know this was on the table until it was a done deal. She had told me before that she was eventually going to move back home, but at that time it was 2-3 years down the road, and if we were still together then, that’d be reasonable to go along with… but just a couple months in, all of a sudden this new relationship I’m in is going to become long distance. That wasn’t part of the deal. I went along with it because, well, I actually had a girlfriend who liked Star Wars and nerdy games, and that isn’t something to throw away lightly. I was hoping the long distance relationship would be like some of the close online friendships I had in my 20s, when we’d message each other sometimes for a couple hours each day while I was doing other stuff at the computer. Nope. It was like pulling teeth to get her to acknowledge my existence once she moved. One time I went four days without hearing from her, and I got a little worried, and when I finally did hear from her it was like nothing was wrong on her end, she was just busy. All of her ideas for things we could do together when we were apart, she never had time for, and all of my ideas she shot down as dumb and childish.

        The second of two times I went to visit her, in November, I was telling her that I wanted to build a computer. That way I would know exactly what was inside it if anything needed repairing, replacing, or upgrading. She had experience building computers before, and she said, you should work on it when I’m up there in December, because when something goes wrong, AND IT WILL, I can help you figure out what’s wrong. She was probably just basing her comment on the reality that things like that often go wrong, but to me it sounded like she didn’t believe I could do it right.

        We broke up when she came up here in December, and I never talked to her again. I got busy with life and didn’t get around to building the computer until the following June (2012). But after nine hours of shopping for parts and putting things together, when I hit that power button, and everything worked right the first time, I almost wished we had stayed in touch so I could rub it in her face that she didn’t believe in me and I did it.

        9+ years later, the computer is still running great. One of the USB ports physically broke inside, and I had to replace the CPU fan recently, but other than that it still runs great.

          • Greg Dennison says:

            Thank you.

            We broke up on New Year’s Eve. I got home around 11 and rang in the new year watching a basketball game that I had recorded earlier, then I stayed up for a while Facebooking. I saw a message pop up from one of the mutual friends that originally got us together, and I’m thinking, oh great, now her friend is gonna be upset with me, I wonder what awful things she has to say… I nervously opened the message… and it said something like, “Hey, Greg. I heard about what happened, and I’m sorry. I hope 2012 is a better year for you. I know she was my friend, but I really didn’t like the way she treated you sometimes.”

            Hearing that one of her best friends was basically on my side affirmed for me that I made the right decision.

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