4 Proven Ways to Shed Victim-Think: Why I’m No Longer a Victim

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It’s because I don’t feel like I’m less than. Yes, my classmates called me the most horrible names in the English language. Yes, they physically beat, ridiculed, and smeared me. And yes, they destroyed my reputation. However, I’m still not a victim because their effects on me didn’t last.

I’m a survivor. In fact, I’m more than that- I’m a winner! Because they no longer have the power to make me feel that I’m less than human. No one has that power now. I’m not a victim because I don’t allow other people’s perceptions of me to determine how I feel about myself nor define me as a person. I know who I am, and I feel good about it.

My classmates may have taken my confidence away and at times, my physical well-being. But they could never take away my soul! They couldn’t take my integrity, my individuality, and my freedom of thought.

They couldn’t take any of the things that mattered!

Another reason I don’t feel like a victim is because I don’t feel any hate nor any desire to take revenge. My energy is better spent on my family, doing what I love to do, and working on my projects. I’m too busy doing me and mine. Understand that any time you hold hate and seek revenge over something that was done to you in the past, it comes from a victim mentality and from a place of feeling that you’re owed some form of satisfaction, restitution, or atonement. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way.

I want you to realize that a victim mentality is never good because it keeps you trapped in an abyss of hatred and misery. Anytime you have this mentality, you’re angry and depressed all the time. You feel like the world owes you. But what you don’t realize is that even if the world did give you what you feel you’re owed, you’d still never be happy and you’d only want more, more, and more.

It’s no way to live. I was there years ago and it’s a dark and ugly place.

Law of Attraction

I’m so glad that when I finally got tired of being unhappy and unfulfilled, my eyes were opened, and I changed my way of thinking.

So, how did I shed the victim-think?

1.By refusing to allow bullies from the past to take up space in my mind and by not wasting another drop of precious energy on people who were never worth it in the first place.

2. By accepting myself, flaws, quirks, and all. I finally decided that I was okay just the way God made me and that I needed no one else’s approval, least of all, the approval of backstabbers, fakes, and drama kings and queens who only pretended to be friends but weren’t out for my best interests.

3. I made it my mission to love and to take care of myself and the people who truly mattered. And that included weeding out toxic people who were only there to use me and to see me fail- those who didn’t belong in my life.

4. Lastly, I did it by focusing on the things that were important– I focused on God, family, my closest friends, and being the best version of me that I could possibly be instead of trying to please everyone and seek approval.

It’s okay to be angry and to take time out to feel those emotions when someone does you wrong. It’s natural to need time to heal. Just don’t set up shop and live in that yucky place for long. Because, if you stay there, it will ruin your life.

I can’t stress how important it is for you to rid yourself of victim-think. It’s the only way you’ll ever reach that beautiful place of self-acceptance and ultimately, peace and happiness. And once you do, it will be such sweet freedom!

You can do this! I’ve got faith in you!

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  1. Dawn Michelle Michals says:

    I love this post so much. I recently experienced bullying in two places I never thought that would be allowed and at am age that I thought it couldn’t happen anymore. I thought bullying left in school! But, oh no. It’s in adulthood too. I had to come a point where I had to stand up and keep pushing for my happiness. And, I can see it now! Great post! And, much needed. I’m going to read it again!

  2. LAMarcom says:

    “I’m a winner”
    Yes! You are!
    By far!
    Any thinking person can see this!
    I like to call me a sometime ‘thinking man!

    Please, when you have the time
    drop a dime
    To revisit my post
    NAVY Time spent underwater
    I added some snippets at the end.
    Not flattering
    You know by now
    How I ‘roll’
    No punches pullen!


  3. Ruth Muyskens says:

    You are so right.! It is tough to do when in the midst of the pain and trying to heal from it. All you want then, at least, I do, is for justice to come upon their heads. You are absolutely right, with all of the above.

  4. Kym Gordon Moore says:

    I love your will to fight Cherie. 🥊 You’re right, you are far from being a victim and to proclaim that you are more than a survivor, that is courageousness to the first power! ☝️ Keep pressing forward sweetie. Don’t stop believing! 🤩 🏆 🏋️

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