The Iron Fist

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Socialism is the new ball and chain for ladies.

Pressing down on me

It won’t let me be

It demands I obey

And it don’t play

Jab or job

It intends to rob me

From being free

To govern my body

With attitude so haughty

“My body my choice”

Has lost its voice

Hidin’ from Biden

The fence-ridin’

Fire at will

Shoot to kill

Not with bullets but chemicals

Handcuffed hands of a prisoner behind the bars of a prison with orange clothes – Crispy desaturated dramatic filtered look

By not only bullies but criminals

Be vaxxed or be taxed

A fine for decline

They’re drunk on power

With eyes that glower

Gates, Soros, and Schwab

Those evil blobs

Freedoms they rob

Their complemplation

Is depopolation

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