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β€œLetting go means to come to the realization that some people are a part of your history, but not a part of your destiny.”

~ Steve Maraboli ~

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  1. LAMarcom says:

    Hi Cherie Amour,

    I have been remiss of late.
    With my visits and comments
    (You were probably relieved)
    You know I love your blog.
    Goes without saying, but I keep saying it anyway.

    My big homemade computer just committed sucicide few days ago.
    Happy news is, since I built her, I can surely fix her.


    Currently ‘working’ off my old laptop.
    Which, although good, not what I had grown spoiled and accustomed to….

    Take care my good great friend.

          • LAMarcom says:

            I did not say how much I respect the loss of yor father and your saying that. I lost my daddy in 2010, I was somewhere in some sh*t hole, far far away, but by that point, he had already stopped taking my phone calls. Guess I had said said something hurtful or stupid to him few yeears befre,
            I have a very long and illustious history odf pissing people off with my unadulterated ‘honesty’
            My bad I suppose.
            I should learn to mend my speech a little
            (Have written on this: King Kear and Cordelia….

            I am sorry for your loss of your father.
            I know how …
            To mourn

          • LAMarcom says:

            This comment does not seem to be capabable to go anywhere else, so I’ll just drop it here:

            RE: My Father

            I only told him I loved him once. And I was drunk when I said it.
            I regret that.
            I thought it
            Felt it
            All my life
            I will now
            Never be able to tell him sober
            How much I loved him
            How much I regret those sober words I never said
            Those words I never seemed to have time to say.

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