0 thoughts on “A Bad Ending for Narcissists

  1. LAMarcom says:


    Don’t I just know it!

    During my misspent youth….
    I could have any girl / woman who caught my eye.

    Now, I feel blessed if I can get served in a timely fashion in a greasy – spoon restaurant by the pretty young thang of a waitress.

    How far this ‘recovering narcissist’ has fallen back to Earth!
    The ‘re-entry’ weren’t too bad, but the landing was very painful.

    (The realty my father should have taught me, but he had the disease worse than me, by the way)

    I did get better eventually.
    Leaned some humility

    He never did.
    He died still thinking he was ‘all that’.

    Great quote.
    Great post.

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