0 thoughts on “Bullies Come in All Ages

  1. annemariedemyen says:

    So true! I didn’t have a personal problem but there was a lot of bullying at my last job. It was so strange. My boss was for the most part a nice guy – but he admired bullies and allowed and encouraged harrassment in the shop and out on site. It was so wierd.

  2. annemariedemyen says:

    Wow wasn’t the word for it. One of his favourites was a total sociopath twice the size of our other installers. My boss would send him out to secluded cottages or distant cities to help an installer. He was batshit crazy and always threatening them. After he was finally gone, he broke into a guy’s house, threatened him with a knife, stole a gun to shoot a co-worker and ended up shooting and killing himself when the police cornered him. My boss felt kind of wierd that he had worked with the guy. Didn’t say a thing about or to the installers he had forced the guy on. One of those installers was his own son!

  3. goodvibes40 says:

    That’s not talked about nearly enough. Some people think it is just something kids do especially middle school and high schoolers but bullying can occur at any age by either gender and any race or creed. There is a whole lot of bullying that occurs in the workplace and that isn’t talked about nearly enough. There is a lot of bullying that occurs from teachers to students or students to teachers. There is a lot of bullying that occurs in romantic relationships as well. There may not be necessarily domestic violence but if one spouse is constantly belittling the other, jealousy, lack of encouragement, etc that can indeed be a form of bullying. Bullying can also occur toward or by elderly people. That one definitely isn’t mentioned enough. We are supposed to revere our elderly and many times especially here in the United States, we don’t. Or just because someone is older they seem to think they have a right to belittle someone younger than they are. They think age excuses their behavior. No, with age should come wisdom.

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