5 Reasons School Officials Cover for and Protect Bullies

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If you’re bullied in school, you must go through the proper channels by reporting the bullying to teachers and the principal. It’s only legal. But sadly, when a student is bullied and reports the abuse, many schools will protect the bullies instead of holding them accountable for their bad behavior.

Here’s why:

1. Because the bullies have connections to local politicians and crime kingpins. (This is especially true in small towns)

2. Because the bullies often score high academically, which makes the school look good.

3. The bullies are athletes on the school sports teams.

4. The bullies are on the cheerleading squad and in sororities and fraternities.

5. The bullies suck up to faculty to win loyalty.

Understand that, right or wrong, many schools will go out of their way to protect the reputations of who they deem to be their brightest and best students and blame the targeted student for their bullies’ horrid behavior. These bullies make the school look good.

Schools have enormous power, and sadly, many parents of bullied kids are single and raising children on one paycheck. How do they fight against such powerful entities?
This is why Sovereign Immunity for schools must be abolished, and they must be held accountable if the child is maimed, murdered, or commits suicide.

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Moving a target of bullying to a different school sounds like a good idea but is not always feasible. And homeschooling isn’t affordable for some of these moms and dads.
If you’re a parent who’s fighting to keep your child safe and your options are limited, the only way to stay in the fight is to keep speaking out- through word of mouth, social media, the news media- whatever it takes.


Take steps to raise awareness and be there for your child. Reassure them that if they need to talk, you’re there to listen and give them a shoulder to lean on.

Encourage your child to document every bullying incident and do your own documentation. Use the 5W rule- (What, who, where, when, and why) document what happened, who was involved and the names of any bystanders and witnesses, where it happened (bathroom, locker room, hallway), when it happened (exact date and time), and why it happened (retaliation, etc.).

document write record journal

As a parent, write about any physical bruises you see when the child comes home from school. Write about any torn clothing, broken eyeglasses or hearing aids, stolen property, crying, your kid’s emotional state- everything! And jot it down in detail!
Document the school’s reaction to any reports of bullying, both yours and your child’s.

Save any emails, replies, and letters from the school.

Build your own case!

Only then will you have the ammo needed to fight it!

15 thoughts on “5 Reasons School Officials Cover for and Protect Bullies

  1. 80smetalman says:

    I had all of these experiences and was the subject of victim blaming. When one of the bullies’ names was mentioned, the teacher’s response was, “But he’s such a nice boy.” That teacher believed the bullies fake account of me taking his hat. I wish I could have had this advice at my disposal. Great advice!

  2. Priti says:

    Actually most parents don’t want to take action in fear how school will take everything? They only try to make their child understand everything will be okay? Well written 😊👌🌹

  3. Kym Gordon Moore says:

    Oh yes ma’am, documentation is so very important, 🙏🏼 not only in this situation but in every situation that is threatening (like the supervisors or managers at work, or any other organization that tries to dehumanize you for their self-fulfillment or entertainment)!🤬 Whenever you feel like you are being targeted, which is criminal to say the least, and even with those who are harboring those offenders, date-include the time-and as much detail as you can, even if it is down to what they were wearing that day or night. 🤔

    I hate it when higher ups, whoever and in whatever organization they may be in, when they turn a deaf ear or a blind eye to those things or people who commit such atrocities and say or do nothing, then they are just as guilty too….document that also! ⌨️ ✍🏼🖥 Good post Cherie! 👏🏼 👍🏼 🙌🏼

  4. MaddMedic says:

    Different today then it was 45 years ago. Used to able to ‘meet’ behind the store or at the water tower and settle things. Today? Not so much and when my youngest went out for Football (American) in Middle School he was bullied, the coach allowed it and I let the coach know what I thought and the SOB threatened me. His mistake as when I showed for parent/teacher conference he about shit himself.
    I found out years later, youngest son’s older brother had settled the score one day with said bully. I never condoned this, but they also knew to never back down or take crap from anyone. By the time both boys were out of school I was somewhat of an pain in the ass to school Administration and School Board and when I ran for school board panic ensued.
    Being a long time Medic in the community and knowing a lot of people helped.

  5. Monch Weller says:

    Two words: Social capital.

    It’s even worse where I live, a country that tries to emulate the American model of education. Especially point No. 1! Most of the bullies back in my high school joined a street gang here in the Philippines whose known members include both law enforcement and politicians at the local and national levels. No. 5 also applies as most faculty members would say to just “love your enemies as Jesus did.” Mind you, that came from a Catholic school!

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