The Number One Lie Bullies Are Using Against Targets in 2021

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I’ve talked to a few victims these past couple of months and in today’s climate of culture, hate, and division, here’s what their bullies are accusing them of to smear them and cause their reputations irreparable damage.

Bullies are accusing their victims of being racist! Yes! I’ve talked to four bullying targets and two of them are minorities themselves, so it doesn’t matter what the target’s race actually is. They are still being accused of racism, an accusation that is sure to make the accused radioactive.

I can’t stand a racist and don’t know anyone who can. So, this is not to say that racists don’t exist. They do and they’re the most ignorant and evil people you can imagine. However, I’ve known many innocents who have also been lied about and had the racist moniker unfairly and unjustly labeled to them. And I just can’t imagine being accused of such hatred. It would absolutely devastate me if it ever happened to me.

The most effective way to defame and destroy an individual is to associate them with a label that smells bad. And bullies are doing exactly that, especially today.

And with cancel culture being so rampant today, it completely destroys the futures and lives of innocent targets. I will give the victims I talked to fictitious names to conceal their identities and keep them safe.

Gia – age 14

“When school closed due to COVID, I was so sure that I would be safe because I wouldn’t have to see any of my classmates, who treated me so bad when school was in session. But about six weeks after the lockdown, they started harassing me online. I deleted and blocked them from all my social media pages and that seemed to work for a while. A month or so after that, I get a barrage of new friend requests, all from strangers that didn’t have a profile picture, only blanks or pictures of cartoon characters. I accepted some of the requests and the next thing I knew, they began tagging me in posts and making comments that I was a racist. And I’m black! I got called an ‘Uncle Tom’, a ‘bed wench,’ all kinds of nasty names! I lost a lot of friends because of it. I went from having over nine hundred friends to having about two hundred fifty in a week. And it turned into a real warzone. I ended up deleting my account because it upset me so much and I got scared. What really sucks is that nobody even asked me! They just believed it without any proof to back it up! I just don’t understand people and how they can just believe a bunch of lies without getting the facts first! It’s like everyone automatically assumes the worst!”

Kayla – age 30

“I walked away from my nursing job because of workplace mobbing. I didn’t give notice and maybe I should have. I just told them I was done, hit the clock, and left. The next day, I started getting messages from several of the mob at my old workplace accusing me of patient abandonment, to which my response was, ‘I didn’t abandon the patients, I abandoned you because of the way you treated me.’ Then before the week was out, they were all over my Facebook and Twitter pages accusing me of being racist and there’s nothing about me that’s racist. I wasn’t raised that way. I have friends of all races and I love them all equally. I had to delete both accounts because I was so afraid a potential employer would see it and decide that I would be too much of a risk to hire. I’ve lost so many friends- friends I was sure wouldn’t believe the accusations! I thought they knew me better than that!”

Sheila – age 16

“I’ve been bullied at school since the fourth grade. In the fourth through seventh grades, I was accused of being homosexual because I had short, red hair and was overweight. I’ve since grown my hair long and lost all the excess weight. I’ve also gotten taller. But that still hasn’t stopped the bullies. It’s like the longer my hair grew and the taller and thinner I got, the worst the bullying got! Now they’re accusing me of being racist and I’ve lost more friends from that accusation than I ever lost when everyone thought I was gay. And with the racial tensions in this country now, it’s so easy for a lie like that to be seen as the truth!”

Benjamin – age 18

“It’s bad enough that I didn’t get to have a normal graduation because of COVID. Now, it seems that I may not get a job or get to college because my high school bullies got on my Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat pages and accused me of being racist! These people have bullied me since the seventh grade and they haven’t stopped, even after school shut down in March of 2020! Instead of stalking me in the hallways and on campus, they started stalking me online. In today’s climate, it seems that if you really want to ruin somebody’s life, just lie and label them a racist or a homophobe! It’s that easy!”

My heart breaks for these people because I can only imagine what life must be like for them- the fear of having their futures ruined, the fear of being cancel cultured and having opportunities taken from them! It scares me for them!

As some of these targets have mentioned, in today’s political climate and with the problems that are happening in this country, bullies are taking full advantage by accusing their targets of being racists!

Understand that the words racist and racism are such emotionally charged words right now.

Again, though racism does exist and there are ignorant racists in the world, there are also innocent targets of bullying who are being lumped in that category as well. It’s not only heartbreaking, it’s gut wrenching!

Realize that this is when bullies become dangerous! This is a time when one rumor, one piece of gossip, one offhand comment, anything- can get victims fired, ruined for life, or even physically attacked, maimed and killed!

You must take steps to guard your reputation! And you must guard it as you would any other valuable possession! Otherwise, your bullies may alter the course of your life and that of your family forever!

0 thoughts on “The Number One Lie Bullies Are Using Against Targets in 2021

  1. stella5454 says:

    Thank you for this. Bringing this terrible situation out in the open is so important for individuals mental health.

    I no longer care what people think, and I am a little crazy from being treated this way by these strangers to me, but it needs to be exposed and people need to step up and speak out when they see this happen to others! How else will it stop? No one has the right to this abuse to another, full stop.

    I too have been subject of this accusation since 2016, all because I did my job of building superintendent and enforced the rights of the landlord. A a result, I am accused of racism and prejudice within various domains online, one even in my own personal name they stole to use in the title. It is where they share my personal information they gained during a legal process that they ended up walking away from, putting their own viscous spin on them.

    Each domain is laid out for psychological abuse of myself, and others, with their false accusations.

    It has caused a terrible toll on my personal life and my career. I quit working in 2018 due to this situation as I could not take the abuse anymore I was receiving from these strangers. I had a mental breakdown, was diagnosed with C-PTSD with severe anxiety and depression with psychotic episodes.

    I ended up moving last yea over 3000 kms away to another province to get away from the severe fear I had of being attacked, due to the nature of the contents online about me. Even after almost 5 yrs, it still continues online.

    They have also started attacking other people online, all as anonymous administrator, but I know who it is. I made my own site, for my own personal safety, exposing who it is attacking me online.

    I had to share my story so people can see a severe smear campaign in actions with all the gaslighting, manipulations, and triangulations they do to me and others. I refuse for people to think I wrote any of that garbage online in my name. Over the years they have tried to impersonate me by signing up with various online services, such as LinkedIn, and attempting fraud by applying for credit cards. It isn’t me, but my Bullies!

    I am a lot better, mentally, since I started fighting back and protecting myself. I emailed so many companies about these actions, spoke to so many lawyers, counsellors, Police Services, even the Attorney General of Canada, to make them aware of these actions and the affect and cost to me, as the target. It does help to speak out and expose them for what they do, and it is helping to make changes here, its just slow in coming with a pandemic.

    I can’t afford to ignore it, though I would love too, as my name would be all over the internet with their domain, trying to spread their lies. I found so many references to my name and their domain in my name on social media, and even on other sites, that I had complained about and got removed.

    No one deserves to live this way, but until they are exposed and held account for what they do, it will always continue. My Story is evidence of that! Imagine, living with this for almost 5 yrs! You won’t come out the other end the same.

    • cheriewhite says:

      Oh my goodness, Stella. 😱😱😱 I can’t even imagine what you’ve gone through. And the stealing of your identity to boot! I can only imagine the living nightmare! I’m so sorry for all you’ve endured! 😢 I hope and pray you expose these people exactly for what they are because they’re extremely dangerous! Thank you for sharing your experiences with me and know that you are a very strong and brave woman for refusing to stay silent. Also know you have a friend here.

      Keep speaking out about this because it needs to be shared. And you need your justice.

      God bless you!

  2. Greg Dennison says:

    We have major newspapers now joining in the racist-calling of minorities whom they don’t like. The Los Angeles Times had a headline calling Larry Elder “the Black face of White supremacy.”

    • cheriewhite says:

      I know and it’s ridiculous. And if this doesn’t wake people up.and make them realize that the words racist and racism are being used as weapons against anyone regardless of their skin color, then nothing will wake them up. The media have become bullies and they’ve been bullies for years. Just look what they did to Richard Jewell back in 1996. He’s the one who took action when he saw a suspicious backpack at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. The backpack turned out to be a bomb and he tried to warn the police about it to keep people safe and the media crucified him for it and made him out to be the one who planted it. He was innocent and he ended up suing the media and winning the lawsuit. He did a few years later.

  3. Ruth Muyskens says:

    I was falsely accused of being a racist at my former job. It was absolutely devastating. Even, my own family members, have said such things about me. It is heartbreaking to say the least.It is devastating. An accusation like that destroys everything because people believe rumors, gossip, the bad they hear about people rather than seeking the truth.It is heartbreaking and heart wrenching to say the least….

    • cheriewhite says:

      My heart breaks for you, Ruth. I cannot imagine the suffering you’ve endured. 😢 And it’s even more heartbreaking when your family- the very people who are supposed to love and support you turn on you too. Know that you have a friend and listening ear. I pray that everything you’ve lost unjustly be restored and that you get the justice you deserve.

      God bless you. 🙏

        • cheriewhite says:

          You’re most welcome, Ruth. This means so much to me and I’m so glad this blog helps you and many others. I always say that if I can help just one person, then I know that the bullying I suffered years ago wasn’t in vain. Feel free to contact me if you ever need someone to talk to. 💖💐🤗

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