0 thoughts on “Fakery

  1. Petrina says:

    Based on my experience, these are the kinds of people who want outer “proof” that you are happy. Even if you’re in a good mood, and have a straight face, They may tell you to “smile!” Or commonly comment on what they perceive your mood to be or try to interpret your facial expressions. It is annoying. It’s like they are looking for you to put on some outward show because they are lol.

    • cheriewhite says:

      Wow! You’re so right about that, Petrina. I remember when I was working for a candy company years ago, I was concentrating on a task and many of us look serious when we’re in deep concentration. I’m no exception as I purse my lips without realizing it when I’m busy with something. I often got mistaken for being either too serious, or even angry. And yes it’s annoying as heck, girl!

  2. tkbrown says:

    Yes, fake people expect you to be like them–with shellac all over them. They do not like being around a genuine person, and it is impossible to please them–so why try. 🤣😂🤣

  3. Navin says:

    The reality is that these people think they’re faking with a smile….but deep down they’re living a lie….masking their phase to simply hide….you’ve written Fakery with powerful lines….I’m just saying that every word of yours, I truly like….keep expressing & keep burning your inner light 💫

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