An Alternative to Cancel Culture

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Cancel culture is bad not only because it can destroy a person’s life, but it negatively effects everyone else as well- by robbing them of their rights to decide and choose for themselves. Let’s take book burning and banning for example.

When people burn or ban books and their authors, not only are they destroying the lives of the authors, but they’re also robbing others who may want to order them their right to read them and choose for themselves whether they like them.

If I find a book in a bookstore and I like the title, cover, and the synopsis on the back jacket, then I want to read it. You may not like the book, it’s author, title, or cover, but it doesn’t mean that someone else won’t.

Understand that cancel culture only infringes on our rights to choose what we want to read, watch, buy, or consume. Who is anyone else to try and choose for us? Who do they think they are?

If you are a part of the cancel culture crowd, then yes! I’m talking directly to you. I ask again. Who do you think you are? Who are you to tell me what I can and cannot read, watch, consume, or purchase?

Not only am I speaking for myself, but also for every single person that values their right to decide and to choose.

If you don’t like something, fine. You have a right not to like it and you have a right not to have anything to do with it. What you don’t have a right to do is take away others’ choice to see it, judge for themselves, and like it.

Cancel culture violates the personal boundaries of everyone! It seeks to tell you what it thinks you should do. It tells you what to read, watch, eat, use, and who to associate with. In short, cancel culture strips us all of our God-given rights to self-determination.

But isn’t that what all bullies do, strip their targets (and everyone else) of their right to choose? Their right to have an opinion? Their right to speak and to have dignity? Their rights to self-determination?

Of course. With that said, anyone who participates in cancelling a person or entity is a bully! Period. Full stop. And I can’t stomach a bully!

The alternative to cancel culture is using common sense. In other words, if you don’t like someone, don’t associate with the person but don’t take away my right to decide that I want to associate with them. If you see an item for sale in a store and you don’t like it, then don’t buy it but don’t take away my right to choose and buy it.

If you don’t like the brand or, more appropriately, if the brand “offends” you, don’t buy it.

If you don’t like or are offended by the show, don’t watch it.

If you don’t like the person or are offended by them, stay away from them and have nothing more to do with them.

If you don’t like the business or are offended by it, don’t patronize it.

If you don’t like the book, don’t read it.

Do you see how this works? It’s that simple.

It’s high time that more people learn to adopt this way of living. It’s high time that more people rise up and push back against this senseless, moronic scourge called cancel culture. It’s also high time we push back against anyone who participates in it and condones it and the sooner we begin doing these things, the sooner our freedoms of choice and self-determination will be restored.

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  1. katiemiafrederick says:

    Been To Hell 66 Months on
    Earth Nothing Possibly
    Will Offend Me to
    Harm Me Under
    Sticks And Stones
    Yet Rationally It is



    That Is Cancelling

    Culture Do We Have

    The Freedom To Take

    (Legally No We Don’t)

    That Right Of Freedom

    Of Expression Now

    In First Amendment

    Rights Away When

    We Allow Businesses

    To Publish Our

    Souls For Money

    When They Own

    Our Words Like


    With “A Devil”

    For Sell Of Our

    Soul Who Are

    We To Blame

    For Selling

    Our Soul Nope
    i Give My Soul



    Free There

    Is No Copywriting

    Original Creativity

    All i Do


    Only Soul

    Prints Of My

    Soul If We Choose

    Not To Be Canceled

    We Don’t Sell Our



    Solved Free

    At Least in

    The USA Where

    We Do Have This

    Freedom To

    Sell or

    Give Our

    Soul Away For

    Free Don’t Want

    It Cancelled Don’t

    Sell It to “The Devil”

    To Own Us in Paper
    Money For Whoever
    Owns Us Has A





    In This

    Country At Will
    Like Why Do

    Folks Buy

    A Bible

    When God Is
    Free For All Now
    Naked Within oh
    The Clothes the




    That “Follow”

    For Pay For Pay
    For Dealing With
    That Clothed CuLTuRaL Devil… 👿

      • katiemiafrederick says:

        One is
        Cancel me Hehe🤗


        i Ain’t


        My Soul
        To Anyone
        For Any Kind



        Now Of

        Course Ahem
        Being Financially

        Independent Helps

        As Honestly

        to Eat

        i Sold my
        Soul As Indentured
        Slave To The Pay Grade
        Rate And Currency of


        Civil Servant Before

        Almost Killed me


        i Broke
        The Chains
        Free Now i
        Truly Breathe
        No Longer Selling my


        To Eat


        Food Now Thrives

        In Give As Sell Soul Sucks🙌😜

  2. rts - Facing the Challenges of Mental Health says:

    Cherie, I still don’t understand all this business of cancel culture. Where did the term come from? Your points are basically what I have done most of my life. There are probably some books on my shelves that people would wonder why I bought them. I bought them because I was interested in the subject. Life is more than a flat character. We are more than just a single word, shape, or thoughts.

    • cheriewhite says:

      You’re absolutely right, Dwain. I think people coined it the term Cancel Culture because it cancels people out in a way. And it’s wrong on so many levels. And I also read books that people seem to be annoyed at when they hear I’ve read them. I read a lot of books dealing with human psychology and some seemed threatened by my reading them. But I don’t worry about it because it’s what interests me.

  3. Herb says:

    Well said. Cancel Culture is bullying and it mostly seems to blow in from one direction. Usually those who claim to be tolerant are the worst ones. We are tolerant of you as long as you stay in step with the party line.

  4. Sue Gallagher says:

    Yes. If l may add. Racism is part of ‘cancel culture’ too. It denies some people the ability to practice their social practices, religion and even what they wear. They aren’t allowed to look a certain way. Despite being born a certain way. Or raised a certain way. They then hate themselves because they really don’t know how to belong.Freedom is really for all.

    • cheriewhite says:

      Absolutely it is, Sue! We should be free to practice our customs and be ourselves whether we’re white, black, red, yellow, or purple with green polka dots.

      “Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight.”

  5. Catherine J says:

    Well said! I am sick of cancel culture. I truly believe that consumption is a choice and YOU can choose to engage with an art form in any way you choose, but you cannot MAKE someone else do what you do.

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