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“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we’ll ever do.”

~ Brene Brown ~

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  1. johncoyote says:

    I agree dear Cherie. Write your own story, create your own place in our world. Be fearless, travel and test life. Do the things, you want to do. See the places you want to see. Test life. Dance with the sea and touch the clouds in the mountains. Then write about it. Good morning from Michigan.

      • johncoyote says:

        I have been preaching to my poor children for many years. Travel, test life and have some fun before you can’t. Now I roam with my four grandchildren and we dance with the sea and roam the free deep forest. You are a very good writer. Essays are hard and the topics, you write about. Real world problems. In my lifetime. I was a soldier for 15 years. Many people in Africa came to us for protections. Still killing and harming people in our world for being different. This is sad. 2021 and we are abusing people still. Keep writing dear Cherie. We need brave writers.

        • cheriewhite says:

          Thank you so much, John. Writing is my passion and I won’t stop until I close my eyes forever. And I agree. Children should travel when they leave home and have fun. I got married young so I didn’t. I’m so glad my oldest child is finally getting to see the world a little.

          • johncoyote says:

            I am glad dear Cherie. Me and my youngest daughter. I taught her how to roam. She love to travel. My other daughters. Mothers and content. Never too late to travel. I live in Michigan. I am finding Jewells to see in my part of my world. The Great lakes are near. Waterfalls ands the Upper Michigan. Still free country. Have some fun and be safe.

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