A Strange but Funny Bullying Story


I was bullied by everyone for everything. It seemed they were all just dying to get a pound of flesh.

I’ll never forget one occasion during the seventh grade when it got so ridiculous that I had two people, who weren’t very bright to begin with, fight among themselves over who was going to get first dibs at jumping me.  I’ll always remember one bully screaming to the other,

“I want my turn first!”
“No! I’m first!”
“She’s MINE to whoop, NOT yours!”

This was the strangest thing I’d ever seen. Shocked, I remember thinking, “Wow! Is this really happening? It couldn’t be this easy!”

And back and forth it went until they came to blows and forgot all about me! I only took this as my cue to get lost! It’s hilarious when I think about it now.

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  1. DiosRaw says:

    Humans are funny things. You are such an inspiration, honestly. I relate to you so much. How did you find your way out of the debilitating pain od bullying? Love to you, Amber

    • cheriewhite says:

      Thank you so much. It took a while. I’d have to say that I made my way out of the pain by learning about bullying from all angles- the tactics bullies use, the mindsets of bullies, backgrounds, why they do it, and so much more. Gathering this knowledge has been empowering in so many ways. I first started reading about bullying in 1995 when I came across a magazine article about a kid who was bullied in school. That article was confirmation that what happened to me was abuse and wasn’t my fault or all in my head like I’d been vehemently told by so many. And THAT brought so much relief. In fact, my heart soared like an eagle!

      From then on, I read everything I could get my hands on that talked about bullying, magazine articles, online articles and essays, books- everything.

      • DiosRaw says:

        Wow… I’m glad I asked the question to you. That’s profound. Sounds to me like you had a pivotal “chance” moment (awakening) of seeing this and then from then on a transformation happens. That would make a great blog post; I’d love to hear more of your life story or how you became knowledgeable about this vital topic, to understand how you transformed in a linear sense. That magazine article was the catalyst for your becoming if who you are today. Extraordinary.

        Do you feel healed or is it a maintenance process of healing and working on yourself? I hope you don’t mind this question, just that I relate to you a lot and its meaningful to me.

        Best wishes, Amber 🙏

        • cheriewhite says:

          Thank you so much for your thoughts and for giving me the inspiration to tell the story of how I found healing and happiness. This means a lot!

          I feel healed in a way that I’m able to talk about the bullying I suffered without it bothering me and with a little excitement even. In my experience, this has a lot to do with how my outlook on the bullying has changed. I no longer see it as something that ruined my life, I see it as something that was setting me on the path I was meant to take. I see it as the thing that gave me my passion in life, which is to help others who are bullied.

          To answer your question, I feel healed, although the bullying I suffered did change me. I’ll never be the person I was before I was bullied, so in that respect, I haven’t healed completely(I hope I’m making sense here). But I chose how it would change me, whether it be for better or worse.

          The scars will always be there but the good thing is that they no longer hurt and they are no longer open, bleeding and festering wounds. Scars don’t hurt anymore but are only reminders of where I’ve been. Again, I hope this makes sense.

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