20 Things to Remember When You’re a Target of Bullying

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  1. None of the bullying you suffer is your fault.
  2. There is nothing wrong with you.
  3. You don’t have the issue. Your bullies do.
  4. It’s not about you. It’s about them.
  5. You are enough.
  6. You matter.
  7. You have value.
  8. You are worthy of love and friendship.
  9. You are beautiful.
  10. You are awesome.
  11. You are stronger and braver than your bullies ever will be.
  12. The things your bullies ridicule now will be the things people will love you for later.
  13. You can do a lot more than you think you can.
  14. Much bullying comes from either jealousy, fear, or insecurity.
  15. You’re much smarter than they give you credit for.
  16. You are here for a great purpose.
  17. You still have people who love you and who believe in you.
  18. The best are always treated the worst.
  19. You are more powerful than you realize.
  20. It may not seem like it at present, but life will eventually get better.

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