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“Bullying is domestic violence at work. The abuser is on the payroll. In both cases, the abuser’s motive is to control and dominate the target. The perpetrator objectifies the target. She can have such contempt for the target that she refuses to grant even the minimal respect due to a fellow human being. Dehumanization enables the severe treatment. When the recipient is not seen as an equal, it is easy to denigrate, belittle and humiliate. The target is a lesser-than object not deserving decent treatment.”

~ Workplace Bullying Institute ~

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    • cheriewhite says:

      I don’t doubt that’s how you felt. I felt the same way when I was being bullied in school. When I wrote and published my memoir about the bullying I suffered, I mentioned in the book that it was no different than being a battered wife.

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