How Bullying Affects a Target’s Performance in School

Letter F grade on a report card rating a terrible, bad, poor performance in school, a class, job, or other scored activity

As we all should know, bullying can have a devastating effect on grades and class performance. Here’s how:

Anytime you are a victim of bullying, you are forcibly put on constant alert for an attack. It feels as if you have a target on your back and you must grow eyes in the back of your head. You become hyper-vigilant, which breeds anxiety and leads to exhaustion. Not only is the body tired, but also the mind.

When so much focus must be placed on ways to protect yourself and maintain dignity, safety takes priority over studying lessons. How can one concentrate on schoolwork when they’re constantly bombarded with threats, taunts, name-calling, and physical violence? How can a student study and learn effectively when the mind is tired from being stuck in what seems to be a never-ending fight-or-flight mode? It’s almost impossible!

I can tell you this because it happened to me.

In my book, “From Victim to Victor”, I talk about having been on the honor roll before I began attending school in *Oakley (The school I was bullied in). I also talk about the transfer to *Roseburg High School during my senior year and how my grades skyrocketed overnight! After leaving that toxic learning environment and moving to a new school, my grades went from ‘C’s and ‘D’s to all ‘A’s with maybe one ‘B’. I made honor roll again for the first time in five long years!

Here is an excerpt from my book, “From Victim to Victor”, which explains things a little deeper:

bullied victim tortured

“…when anyone, even the most logical and rational of anyone is under a large amount of stress over a long period of time, the glucocorticoids that have flooded the brain and body for so long will cause the atrophy of areas responsible for memory, emotional regulation and ability to maintain positive relationships…”

Therefore, should it be any wonder that the majority of victims of bullying have such poor grades and class performance?

Second, after being told repeatedly and for so long that they don’t and never will amount to anything, victims begin to believe it themselves. A condition, known as “Learned Helplessness” develops and victims simply stop trying altogether.

In conclusion, bullying can affect ALL areas of a victim’s life. Not just social, but academics and achievements as well.

(*Not the real name of the town.)

0 thoughts on “How Bullying Affects a Target’s Performance in School

  1. Couch Talks With B says:

    I can relate to the anxiety from bullying when I was growing up. My grades thankfully didn’t suffer, but there was always that feeling of wanting to rush to class to avoid unwanted attention. Bus rides to school and back home were torture and finally I asked my mom if she could just drive me to school and pick me up my senior year, which was relieving. It really does take your energy and focus away from you when you’re constantly worrying about what a bully will say or do that day. Really awesome post, Cherie!

  2. Navin says:

    It’s crazy how bullying can affect….even crazier that bullies still exist….perhaps in all walks of life….with a different name….I didn’t know you’ve written a book as well….that’s great

  3. Jessica E. Larsen says:

    The effect of bullying is on the mental level which is way harder to heal than any physical scar. My mother physically and mentally abused me, and the mental trauma still hangs over me even after 17 years of being away from her.

    My comments to your post keeps vanishing. I hope this one goes through 🙁

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