Let Them Talk

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Gossips are everywhere! Too many people worry needlessly about what people are saying about them. But here’s the thing, people talk. They’re going to have something to say about you until the day you die. Get used to it. Better, yet embrace it! Love it!

Here’s Why:

1. When people talk about you, they make you relevant! Good or bad, it means you’re an exciting topic- you’re not dull. Remember that it’s much better to be good or bad then to be boring.

2. When people engage in petty gossip about you, it means that they can’t get you off their minds. Somehow, someway, positive or negative, you’ve made an impact on them. You’ve stirred emotions up in them.

3. When people talk about you, it means they don’t have lives of their own and are obsessed with yours, which means your life must be more exciting than theirs.

4. When people talk behind your back, they reveal much more about themselves than they do you. Remember the old proverb, “Great minds discuss ideas, Average minds discuss events, and Small minds discuss people.”

5. When people can’t shut up about you, you’re the one who’s in control of them. Because you occupy a large amount of space in their minds, you’ve affected them profoundly and with little or no effort.

6. The people who blab about you expend a lot of their energy on you while you get to save yours. They’re thinking of you without getting so much as a thought from you.

7. When you’re the topic of others’ discussions, it means that they’re your fans, only they don’t know it.

It’s important to reframe the situation. And smile as you’re the hottest topic around! Haters make you famous!

8. In a nutshell, when people can’t stop running their mouths about you, it only means that you have a tremendous amount of power over them and you didn’t have to make an effort to get that power! Yay, you!

So don’t give their talk any validation by reacting. Just sit back and be amused by the talkers, provided it’s just petty gossip and not defamation. I’ll distinguish between the two in a future post.

0 thoughts on “Let Them Talk

  1. Greg Dennison says:

    My mom’s side of the family (specifically my great-aunt and her children), it seems like all they do is gossip and create drama. I hate to say it, but I generally don’t go out of my way to see them. When I do see those relatives, sometimes they are nice, but sometimes all they want to do is look for things to pick fights about. It’s sad really.

  2. inspirechief says:

    Cherie, you framed this topic of gossip so well. People let the fear of people gossiping about them to stop any change they are trying to make. Once you realize that you live in the head of the gossiper, you have the power and it defeats the fear. Thank you for sharing and following my blog. Take care.

  3. Omatra7 says:

    Ha I agree … if someone speaks of you … you must be important to be on their lips… whatever – I will say whatever to whoever so if they want to gossip go ahead … you wanna know something just ask me – I’ll tell you lol

    I take the fun out of their sails 😄✌️ I’m not that important to be gossiped about 😄 plus I don’t care

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