If You Always Put Others First, You’ll Have Nothing Left for Yourself

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Putting others first isn’t a bad thing. It shows that you care about your fellow man and that you’re willing to contribute some good to the world. It’s an outstanding character trait to have.

Many people have been conditioned, often by well-meaning parents, that the polite thing to do is to put others ahead of ourselves. That making sacrifices for others shows manners and that we’re “good people”- that we are well-mannered and have morals. Nothing wrong with it.

However, when that courtesy is overdone or done at your own expense, that’s when it becomes a bad thing. The problem is that people will come to expect you to be a yes-person and take their crap. You’ll soon attract users and abusers and become a doormat.

In taking this advice, many of us found out the hard way that giving too much of ourselves sometimes involved overlooking abuse. Even worse, we found that it didn’t make the mistreatment go away but only encouraged the person to abuse us later.

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Growing up, I heard every excuse you can imagine.

“Oh, they’re just having a bad day.”

“Maybe they have an abusive or cheating spouse at home.”

“Oh, but you never know what that person is going through.” Blah-blah-b-blah.

A few adults in my family and a few teachers advised me to,

“Give them a break.”

“Cut so-and-so some slack.”

“Try to overlook him.”

“Oh, but try to put yourself in her shoes.”

“Be reasonable.”

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That got old very quickly. I eventually grew fed up and wanted to scream,
“Um- EXCUSE ME! I’ve been ‘reasonable,’ and the only thing I ever got from it is taken advantage of! Would you be reasonable if this happened to you?!”

The point is that no matter what anyone tells you, it’s okay to put yourself first. And no law or rule says you have to tolerate unacceptable behavior- from anyone! Ever!

Anytime you’re mistreated, then advised or forced to “be nice” or “understand what Joe Blow is going through,” it only means that, subconsciously, the givers of this advice either don’t care about your boundaries, or they’re afraid of making the offending person angrier, and of the situation escalating. Some people can’t handle conflict.

They are only trying to silence you to appease the person who’s being a total jackass.

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These kinds of advice and expectations can do one of either two things to you as you get older:

A. It can program you to be over tolerant of unacceptable and abusive behaviors and set you up for a life of getting bullied by other people.

You grow up being so afraid of pissing anyone off that you accept any abuse to avoid conflict. You end up living a life of being crapped on by others.

B. It can have the exact opposite effect and give you an “F-you” attitude and a bad case of The Don’t-Give-A-Shits.

Because of being forced to accept bad behavior in the past, you become a mean, bitter, and apathetic adult and could care less about anyone. That’s not good either.

I’m one of the lucky ones. It gave me an equal blend of both. I believe in treating others how I’d want them to treat me and don’t mind lending a helping hand to someone who needs it.

positive self-care you can't pour from an empty cup you first

But if for one moment, I suspect that someone is taking my kindness for being a fool, I’ll drop that person like a bad habit and they’re on their own!

It’s okay to be kind. It’s okay to put others before you, but only in particular circumstances.

For example:

It’s perfectly fine to give an older adult your chair in a crowded doctor’s office.

It’s okay to get up and offer your seat to a combat soldier in a crowded airport.

In fact, it’s called having respect for elders and servicemen and women who fight for your country.

But never take abuse nor accept excuses for unacceptable behavior. Anytime someone crosses a line with you, go ahead. Respond in kind. Give it back to them because only then will the person realize that you aren’t a doormat and find someone else to abuse.

This is not selfish or being self-centered. It’s called self-preservation.

0 thoughts on “If You Always Put Others First, You’ll Have Nothing Left for Yourself

  1. Gauri says:

    But when you put yourself first everyone starts saying that you’re selfish. That’s sad but in order to be happy in life you have to be a little selfish right?? 🙂
    Great post 👍

  2. Herb says:

    It’s a line you have to draw in yourself, first. I will not allow anyone to cross that line, but you have to believe in it yourself. There’s nothing wrong with being polite and kind. There is something wrong with being a doormat.

  3. coatofmanycolors22 says:

    This is really good one. You can’t make others happy if you aren’t happy. It is awesome to help others and be there for people and be reliable. But you can’t maintain that forever. Sometimes you have to take time for yourself and develop your own hobbies, take a mental health day for yourself, etc. Beware of so called friends that expect you to always be there for them but they aren’t for you. Also be careful in a romantic relationship and I don’t mean this to sound sexist because women do it to men too, but if you are doing all the cooking, cleaning, working around the house, always available for sex, and he/she is constantly belittling you, doesn’t want you to advance in your career, is jealous of others especially any friends of the opposite sex, etc you need to leave immediately.

  4. Don't Lose Hope says:

    “The problem is that people will come to expect you to be a yes-person and take their crap.” This is so true. If you’re a caring, kind person who is in the habit of putting others first, people DO come to expect it. They stop seeing you as generous and large-hearted. Instead, they start to think that their feeling and needs are more important than yours. Also, you end up feel disrespected and used. So … It’s really important to put yourself first sometimes, as well.

  5. SLM1975 says:

    Maybe that’s why my husband sometimes declines going to big events. And it’s also why I no longer wish to work more than 2 days a week.

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