Lulls In Bullying: What Do They Mean?

bullying lulls

Here’s another important fact that people often miss when it comes to bullying and harassment of a target. Bullying is a pattern with highs and lows with breaks or lulls. These peaceful little reprieves can last for up to several months.

What does this mean?

This pattern of highs and lows feels like a roller-coaster ride you can never get off. But there’s a purpose behind it.

If you are a target of bullying, you will often notice that the bullying slowly escalates to a peak of nonstop harassment, then seemed to gradually decrease until it disappears for a while. There will be a reprieve and you will think that the bullying is over and finally begin feeling comfortable enough to let yourself relax.

Then after a month or two, WHAM! The bullies strike again with something new!

1. Understand that these lulls are more deliberate. They’re used to give the bullies time to regroup and think up new strategies. And these strategies will be tactics you’ll never suspect. The bullies will then ambush you with something new and invented, and be sure to take you by surprise.

2. The lulls are also used to give you a false sense of security. They want you to get comfortable and let down your defenses before they blindside you when the time’s right.

bullying lulls

Bullies are very strategic. They plot, they plan, and they do these things in groups. Bullies are very calculating people. They slowly and cunningly set the stage for their attacks. You must stay a few steps ahead of them by equipping yourself with the knowledge of how bullies operate.

If you are a target, I want to give you a better understanding of these patterns so you can use them to your advantage.

Just the knowledge of this pattern will allow you to better prepare yourself for the next attack!

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  1. coatofmanycolors22 says:

    Yes be careful about this if they are a serious tormenter. This means usually one of a few things. One, they may be plotting something big, something worse. Two, they may have been busted out by someone who knew they were bullying and they may be lying low to get the heat off of them. Or three, they may have found someone new to pick on but most bullies go back to their old targets at some point. If they are truly sorry for what they did then they will confess it and apologize and try to make amends. When they do this still be careful to make sure they are sincere. If they are sincere they will keep trying and you in time will see they were sorry.

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