School Bullies Grow Up to Produce Little Bullies

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If you’re a target and you feel that life just isn’t fair and that bullies never get the justice they deserve, here’s hope. Bullies do eventually get their comeuppances and often, the payback comes through their own children.

I have found that not only have several of my bullies from school gone on to become criminals, but also the children they had either during high school or after, who were born mostly out of wedlock.

I don’t judge anyone who becomes a single parent, nor do I glory in the misfortunes of others, I’m mentioning a few truths to establish a pattern which is typical of most school bullies and what the many of them become later.

Many of my school bullies had babies during high school and now these children are adults. For many years, I’ve avidly read the newspaper and seen mugshots of many of my former bullies. Now I see the mugshots of their now-adult children and read the public list of indictments, which are usually located on the second or third page of the county’s newspaper.

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Many of my bullies from school have been to prison or jail and now their children are following in their footsteps, being charged or convicted of crimes ranging from assault and drug-charges to armed robbery and murder. One of my old school harassers, along with her adult son, has recently been charged with abuse and neglect of a vulnerable, elderly adult and theft of over $60,000.

The son of another girl who bullied me in middle school is charged with kidnapping, shooting and killing a pregnant woman in cold blood last summer and is now in jail awaiting trial. Even more ridiculous is that the mother is talking her murdering son up, saying, “He’s really a good boy. He’s just…”, making all kinds of lame excuses for him. She and a few others are even calling for the authorities to “Free” him. “Free So-and-so!”, (I won’t mention anyone’s name here) “Free So-and-so!” is what people hear from her.

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Remember that bullies are self-entitled morons who think that you and the rest of the world owe them. They believe that rules and laws do not apply to them (or their offspring). They are willing to lie, cheat, browbeat, threaten, rob and even murder their way through life and to get what they want. They also teach their children to steamroll over others and sadly, this is what you get…a new generation of budding criminals, prison-rats and jailbirds.

Understand that bullies may be having their heyday now. High school may be their kingdoms. But once they are out of school, their kingdoms will crumble and fall. They will find out (the hard way) that the real world doesn’t care about them or their self-perceived status. Bullies may think they’re superior, but they’re in for a very rude awakening.

Bullies may think (or attempt to make everyone else think) that they’re invincible and indestructible but rest assured that there will come a day when they will be given a generous dose of Karma. And that Karma will either visit them or worse…their perfect little darlings. Then you will have the opportunity to see just how small, insignificant and irrelevant those bullies really are while you get to enjoy life’s goody-bag of a loving family, a great career and much success!

Stay strong! Be patient! Your reward and your justice are coming! Mine did!




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  1. SLM1975 says:

    The second to last time my would-be rapist, Louis, threatened me, his sister/accomplice and mom were standing right there. After I screamed “SHUT UP” to my attacker and ran like the wind, I saw the 3 laughing & hi-fiving! Yes, even their own mother, Judy Burgio, enjoyed how they were treating me.

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