Be Careful What You Share

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If you are a target of bullying, never share anything with anyone- not even your best friend. Because, in a situation like this, you cannot afford to trust anyone. I don’t care how close you and your friends seem to be. It’s still not a smart move because you never know when your bullies will succeed in turning your friends against you and those friends become willing participants in bullying you.

So, never divulge any info that’s private or personal- anything you wouldn’t want to be known.

Examples of things better kept private are as follows (Some of these are no-brainers):

  1. Your sex life, or lack of.
  2. A drug addict in your family.
  3. Any medical conditions or diseases.
  4. Any mental illnesses.
  5. Any legal troubles- even as minor as traffic tickets.
  6. Family issues- divorce, child custody, births, deaths, etc.
  7. Your past (if you’re old enough to have one).
  8. Past abuse you may have suffered.
  9. Your personal info.
  10. Email and passwords to social media accounts.
  11. Names of your family members.
  12. Never brag about your daughter’s beauty pageant or your son’s perfect grades.
  13. Your views about the recent scandal at school or work.
  14. Your hobbies and interests.
  15. The TV show you watched last night, especially if it’s a slasher show or filled with hot-buttered sex.
  16. Never talk about politics! Ever! That’s a no-no subject!

 Bullies are already looking for dirty laundry. So, why air yours? When you’re a target of bullying, the less they know about you and your life, the better.

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  1. SLM1975 says:

    This was Rachel Burgio’s specialty — forcing me to tell extreme personal stuff that she knew I was not comfortable sharing. If I said no, she’d pinch me and wouldn’t let go until I told her. She would later gossip, telling the whole school I was “weird” because of what she made me tell her!

    I never voluntarily told any bullies said issues…I was coerced.

    And decades later that unnamed bully from Ohio tried to figure out my social media passwords…I had to change them all.

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